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DECISIONS BETWEEN THE GLITZY LONG SILVER gown with sparkly embellishments or the short gown with a sheer bust and ruffle skirt; she just couldn't decide which one would be perfect for her to wear at the Met Gala. Harry watched her from afar, chin in his hand as he smiled beautifully in her direction, somehow liking the curious but focus look on her round face. Estella sighed to herself, moving the gowns back and forth across the rack of clothing. One of the designers from Saint Laurent had already sent her the dresses, which was one reason why she was so frustrated beyond means, very picky on what was right for her.

"For the millionth time, go for the long silver gown." Harry speaks, making Estella drop her hands on her hips and turn to him, head dropping back to gaze at the white popcorn ceiling.

"You really think that's the one?"

"Of course. Plus, it'll look nice with my suit."

"God," She stomped her foot. "Fine. I guess."

"It's not our wedding day, Estella," He joked, standing up to retrieve her and pull her close to him as he walked backwards and sat back down while she stood above him, hair surrounding her pretty face. "It's just a Met Gala. We're there for show. And you can still show your appreciation to the brand by just strutting out there with that dress on. Simple as that."

"I'm so glad I have you," She grinned down at him adorably. "And I'm really glad you came but you didn't have to. We already made this clear. Now you have to go before you miss your flight."

He groaned, feeling tired. "Ugh, but I don't wanna go. Photoshoots are such a bore."

"To me they are very exciting," She commented. "If you didn't want to do it, then why not cancel it ahead of time?"

"I have to. It's pride month. The shoot revolves around the importance of the LGBT community and it would make me seem like such an asshole for not taking part of it. I have no choice. Although it is a very great opportunity, I'm not going to turn it down just because I don't feel like it. That's rude." He stated.

Estella pouted. "That's so sweet of you."

"I know, right? I'm staying there for three days. The the first day is with my mum, the second is the shoot, and the third is this interview I have. I'll be talking to young children or young adults about how they shouldn't fear the thought of being gay, etcetera."

"And that's even more sweet," She squeezed his cheeks together. "Your such a great man."

"Thank you, baby." He wrapped his arms around her, head lying on her stomach as she soothingly rubbed his back. "M'gonna miss you."

"You'll see me next week. I'll be fine."

Estella planted a soft kiss to his forehead, Harry humming silently before he stood up and took her hands in his, pressing his lips to hers in a slow kiss. "You're gonna be late."

He ignored her, getting her as close as possible to his chest so he could feel her warm skin, slightly naked since she was only wearing a bra and a skater skirt with knee socks, instantly making Harry want to take her against her mirror. Estella whimpered against him, protesting a few times before Harry actually shut her up by picking her up and setting her thighs on his neck, Estella gasping in shock when her back was against the tall mirrors she had built in her walk in closet, feet literally dangling besides him as she gripped on his hair in chances of keeping herself from falling. Her legs were wrapped around his neck, hands in his hair whilst he made an effort to lap her up under her skirt, happy she wasn't wearing panties. Getting his well deserved goodbye before he actually left.

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