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ESTELLA AWOKE TO THE SOUND OF a shower turning on, her eyes slowly opening to reveal the silver orbs staring at an empty spot which no longer laid Harry' figure. She pouted, her hand spreading over the spot where he slept, smiling as she leaned up slowly, her hair fanning around her, brushing over her chest. Her head laid back against the headboard, trying to stretch her body but she winced a little because her body felt numb and weak.

Her mind brought her back to what happened just a few hours ago, and she smiled somewhat more. She pushed the blanket off her naked body, swinging her legs across to the edge of the bed, taking a second or two to breathe and then stand up, her legs wobbling a little and she laughed quietly. She made her way to his bathroom, only being in there a few times she loved it so much. She tipped toed in there, stopping as she watched Harry' figure wash himself. The steam from his shower traveling around the bathroom, making it a little hard to see through the glass.

Her ears perked up and her eyes widened and her jaw fell as she listened to Harry sing. And it wasn't just the chill singing someone did when they listened to a song, it was like a singing in the way you would sing if you were performing for your favorite artist if you wanted to impress him or her. The crazy thing was, she had absolutely no idea that he could sing like this, or at all. Although she did have this feeling that Harry was low-key a Rockstar inside of himself, since he seemed like he could be. Plus, she's seen him in act before, dancing to a song, singing loudly but not clear enough to the point where you could actually make out the words.

She leaned her head against the wall as she listened in all, hearing him sing a familiar song, probably either by Drake or Kanye West. Estella bit her plump lip, walking towards the shower, not wanting to interrupt him but to just listen to him a little closer, loving the way his voice echoed throughout the bathroom. It was so angelic to her that she wanted him to sing to her, so, she opened the glass door and stepped in, his back facing her. Harry' eyes widened as he jumped around quickly, staring at the girl who made her way out of his bed and into his shower unannounced.

"Jesus christ," He held his heart. "Thought you were a ghost or some shit."

"Ghost of Christmas past." She giggled and he shook his head, smiling at her. He licked his lips, smiling even wider because he'll always still like how small she was compared to him. He stepped closer to her, Estella' beautiful doe eyes staring up at him as he did so. His hand grabbed the back of her head, him ducking his head down so he could kiss her. She responded almost too quickly and kissed him back.

Her knees almost went weak at how slow he kissed her, keeping her close to him for skin to skin contact, fond of how her skin brushed against his. Their tongues dance, gliding over the other in slow motion before interlocking their lips again, savoring the taste before slowly opening their eyes, gray meeting green in a beautiful sequence.

"Good morning." He rasped.

She smiled. "Good morning."

"How are you feeling?" He asked.

"Good, and you?"

"Perfect babe, just perfect."

She chose not to acknowledge the fact that he called her babe because he does it all the time and maybe it was by accident or maybe it was on purpose, but she knew it was. Harry didn't even feel sorry when he said it, because he liked calling her babe, but he knew that sometimes it made her unfortunately uncomfortable. Harry didn't want to say it, even admit it, but he did like her. Like a lot. And even Estella could tell, she just didn't want to say anything about it because she didn't want to break his heart. The thing is, she didn't know what she felt for Harry. There was of course passion and infatuation, but other than that, she had no idea.

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