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         THE DOOR SLAMMED ON HER way inside of her home, Harry stomping behind her, still in a vicious state of mind as Estella cursed under her breath, making her way up the staircase in hopes of getting away from him, but he just wouldn't let the situation go. "Estella!" His voice boomed, heavy feet pounding behind her as she walked into her bedroom, plopping a seat on her bed with her arms crossed as she eyed the doorway, waiting for his arrival. When he showed his face, red and practically bruised from Zayn' hit, he closed the door behind himself, leaning back against the wood before letting a deep sigh escape past his lips.

"I'm not done with you."

"And I don't want to start with you. Not when you're like this. When you calm the fuck down, then you can think about talking to me."

"I'm gonna say what I feel is right to say on behalf of what the fuck I saw and what's going to happen right now, and I don't care if you have a whole attitude, you don't even have a right to be as pissed as I am right now," Harry gruffly stated, unclenching his fists, Estella staying quiet as she stared at the ground. "First, I need to know what in God's name were you thinking when you sneakily met up with Zayn without telling me first and having me worry about where the hell you were. Second, what gave you the goddamn right to let him kiss you as if I never existed? And third, where do we really stand, Estella?"

At this point, she felt under pressure, swallowing a ball of saliva down her throat as she shakily inhaled a breath of air to keep herself at ease, but it wouldn't help, and immediately she started crying. Harry was too heated to provide her comfort in any way, afraid he might do something wrong, so he decided it was best to kept his distance. Too mad to care that she cried, but in some way, wanted to speak up, but chose to close his eyes and wait for her to speak. Estella brought her hand up to wipe away her tears, shaking her head in shame before she actually gave him attention.

"I wasn't thinking," Was what she started with. "I was up half the night, thinking on whether or not to call him. I wanted to be sure if I wanted this, if I wanted you—So he asked me to meet up with him so he could summarize what happened back then. I couldn't elaborate with myself on my emotions for you and still holding onto a grudge about the situation with Zayn. It was bugging me, so I had to do something about it."

"And you thought it was smart not to tell me?" He inquired.

She rolled her eyes. "If I would have told you, you would have never let me go. I'm sorry," She scoffed, placing a hand to her chest as if appalled. "Am I not a grown woman whose allowed to leave her own house without needing to inform her boyfriend every fucking second about her whereabouts?"

"I'm sorry," He mocked, Estella gritting her teeth. "When you and your girlfriend come home drunk near dawn and she's missing and you can barely remember anything but crashing on the bed. And then you wake up, searching for her to check if she's okay and you find a glass of wine and she's not answering her phone so you call her about ten fucking times, as well as her best friend, are you not supposed to be worried about her safety? Am I wrong?"

Estella blinked. "You called Raye? Why would you call Raye?"

"Why wouldn't I?"

"I don't need my business to be spread around to every person I know."

Harry lowered his head, so confused on how delusional she was being right now. "You're not making any fuckin' sense right now. If you're practically missing, and I can't get in contact with you, don't you think it'd be right to contact everyone you know? And mind you, I only called Raye. This wouldn't have been a problem if you came to me like a "grown woman" and let me know where you were going. I could have made an exception."

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