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IT WAS THE SAME AS BEFORE. Harry would be comfortable in his bed with a pillow tucked between his thighs and then another bunched under his forearms to keep it steady for his head while Estella would be up letting her music play from her cellphone flat on the marble surface of the island and preparing the both of them a healthy breakfast. Only this time, and since she did come over his house in the afternoon, she decided to whip up a meal for lunch. Nothing but a robe over her naked body as she stirred the blue kool-aid in the glass pitcher slowly as two glass cups filled with ice awaited on the side of their plates that had already contained steaming food.

   "Come back to bed." She gasped softly to herself, jumping in her spot once his cold hands clasped around her hips, his voice mildly chopped proving to her that he had just woken up. Estella smiled gently when he kissed behind her earlobe but rolled her eyes because she hated how he didn't make himself known verbally that he had entered the room unless he touched her. She was already paranoid and sneaking behind her didn't make things any better.

   "I made lunch."

   Harry hums. "Smells good. What is it?"

   "Turn around and look." She giggled.

   Harry opened his tired eyelids, never removing his hands from her warm skin to see the plates had been set with one of his favorite quick and easy meals; tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches.

   "Awe babe!" He clapped a hand down on her ass, making her squeal in shock. "You didn't have to. Too kind of you, baby."

   She blushes. "It only took 15 minutes."

   "And you made blue kool aid," He hissed. "Good girl."

   Estella turned around, eyebrows furrowing but a twitch of an awkward smile came on her face. "What's up with you?"

   "Just really hungry. And really glad to have you back. I think I've become a sex addict because of you." He chuckled, scratching his bare back.

   "That's not funny. People actually go through that."

   "I'm serious."

   "How come?"

   "Baby, honestly, have you seen you? My god." He licks his lips.

   "What do you like about me?" Her voice dropped an octave, throwing her arms around his neck and witnessing him smirk with satisfaction.

   "Your eyes," He starts. "They're so beautiful, and wide. You always look so pure. I can read so much of you when I look inside them. Then your skin complexion is so stunning. You have zero acne you lucky son of a bitch."

   "Hey," She laughed. "I like your acne. It makes you look pure."

   "It makes me look like a teenager."

   "Shh, finish admiring me." She pets his cheek endearingly.

   "You have really smooth skin, and I'm not sure if it's the cocoa butter, the baby oil, or you still got baby skin since birth but damn, girl." His bright teeth just so happened to make her laugh ridiculously. It being so stunning she couldn't help but laugh.

   "You amaze me, Harry," she patted his chest. "Now let's eat before this gets cold."

   She started to walk away, but Harry swiftly grabbed her arm to pull back a now puzzled Estella, his chest pressed heatedly to her own. "I'm not finished."


   "I also like the way you scream my name and claw at my back, " He grunts, this sudden change in mood throwing her off. God, he had to have a bipolar disorder. And she wasn't even being funny about it. "How you bite the sheets when I fuck you deep. How you cry out when I hit that spot.
And most importantly, how you cum around me and give me that look like you want me to fuck you again."

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