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IT WAS AN ODD FEELING TO be waking up next to a man again. She didn't even think it would be possible. She thought that he may have left, but surprisingly he hadn't, and was still lying on her comforter right next to her. Estella was glad she had gotten sun resistant curtains, that way the terrible sun wouldn't be all up in her eyes. Plus, she hated light, like that's literally the only reasons why her complex was so dark and she only lit candles and turned on lamps. When turning to her right, she realized that Harry' arm had been thrown around her waist, her chubby legs basically tangled with his and she really couldn't move a bit because he clung to her like a koala bear.

She found it adorable actually, how just through his sleep he grabbed and hugged anything that was close to him, and instead of cuddling the pillow, he chose to cuddle her. His steady breath blew across her neck, his nose practically smudged on that area and Estella smiled, liking the way he slept. He had this natural warmth to his body as well, the type of warmth your bed already had that made you not want to get up in the morning due to the comfort it held.

Estella slowly, and gently, rose his arm away from her hip and laid it besides himself, untangling her legs as well while doing her best and trying not to wake him up. She didn't know how long he slept, and she didn't know what time he would get up, so she just let him sleep and would greet him when he woke up. About to head off to the bathroom to take her morning shower, she tripped over her feet, her legs feeling like jello and she almost slammed her face to the ground, but luckily didn't. She was always a clumsy girl.

Giggling to herself, she stood back up, feeling too goofy already as she closed the door and locked it. Estella ran the shower, deciding to wash her hair as well and leaving the shower cap alone, closing the glass door behind her. After brushing her teeth and doing the daily routine she took her time doing, she walks back into her room with a tan towel wrapped around her, smiling and shaking her head at a still sleeping Harry, his position now flat on his stomach with his face pressed in the pillows.

She lathered her body in lotion and put on nothing but beige lingerie and a white sheer kimono, usually what she would prance around her house in. Estella never really liked to just get dressed just to walk around her own house. She liked to feel free and comfortable so there wasn't really much she would wear besides the beautiful lingerie she bought only for herself. Her kitchen lights were still on when she walked in, Estella clearing her throat and throwing her hair up in a bun before going through the fridge and finding something to make.

She had to make a note to remind herself that she needed to go shopping. Instead of doing some type of huge breakfast, she made it simple by preparing an omelet and a fruit bowl. She didn't know what type of fruit Harry actually liked so she just decided to weigh her options and go with strawberries, raspberries, apricots, and just sprinkle it with some sugar before keeping it in the freezer for a little while.

Harry blinked his eyes open, groaning lowly to himself before stretching out his tired body, trying to regain his body strength but he was way too weak at the moment to even sit up. He wrinkled his nose at the smell of the food flowing throughout the house and he smiled, feeling like it was a Sunday morning at his mother's house. He sat up, running a hand down his face before scratching his head and looking around her room, everything flowing back to his mind before he had the thought that he was kidnapped and not in his own house.

Harry got up, slipping his boxers and his jeans back on and heading into her bathroom, freshening himself up before he decided to walk around the house and find her, knowing she was cooking because he could clearly smell it. He looked down at his phone, seeing about a dozen times more notifications than he usually gets and he completely forgot that he had somewhere to be today. But did it really matter right now when he was in an captivating woman's house whom he spent the night with in bed and was probably making him breakfast at the moment better than a little meeting he needed to have with his co-workers? Nope!

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