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"Good morning Y/n!" You said while kissing yourself in the mirror.

"Oh, you look cute today." You complimented yourself.

"Ok then, Miss Cute Y/n, let's get ready for the work quickly or else Mr. Grumpy will eat you alive." You chuckled.

With that, you proceeded to shower while singing some random songs and ballads.

Walking out of the shower, you wore some formal outfits and made your way to the kitchen.

Walking out of the shower, you wore some formal outfits and made your way to the kitchen

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"Let's make some French Toast!" You said dramatically.


You reached your workplace, that is 'Kim Food Corporation and Hotel Management'. Stretching a bit, you looked around.

"Fighting Y/n!" You said to yourself and walked in.

"Good morning everyone." You said while walking through different departments.

"Work hard everyone." You said and showed them your fists while giggling.

You were so busy in your acts that you didn't notice who's standing behind you and what everyone wished shouldn't happen, ended happening.

You turned around swiftly and lost balance and fell upon someone's chest. Who's he? The guy with metal hard chest!

"Miss Y/n! When will you become a responsible person?" He yelled, gently pushing you away.

"S-sorry Mr. Kim." You said and bowed repeatedly.

"In my cabin, now!" He ordered coldly and left. You followed him hurriedly.


"I'm sorry again, Mr. Kim." You said softly while looking down.

"It's okay. Now, report me about the progress of our new item." He said making you sigh in relief.

"Thank you sir. Here's the report. I'll brief you regarding it in a minute." You said while handing him the iPad.

Day passed while preparing all the necessary things for the upcoming business party of your boss.

Tired, you plopped on the sofa and sighed heavily and accidentally fell asleep.

"So tired, Miss Y/n?" A voice called.

"Oh, Mr. Kim! I'm so sorry that I slept. I sincerely apologize." You stood up and bowed multiple times.

"It's okay. Are we ready for tomorrow's party?" He asked sitting on the sofa.

"W-we? Oh yea! I prepared everything for you, starting from your attire to your schedules." You answered politely.

"I know all that but what about you? Didn't you prepare your stuff?" He asked again.

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