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"NAOMI CAMPBELL IS A FASHION ICON, and will be on the cover of this year's spring magazine. I need you to contact her immediately, set up dates, we'll have her wear the latest collection we have. Also, contact David and let him know that we have a lunch meeting in 20 minutes."

Estella took her pen off her ear as she jotted down a few things she needed to have written down so her memory wouldn't lose it, her assistant nodding at everything she had said before doing the same in her notepad. "Is there anything else?"

"Well you have a few appearances to do. You also have an email from Saint Laurent who wants to speak with you about wearing a piece for the Met Gala that's exactly a month away on the 29th. Apparently they want you and your father to come together, but I think people would be more ecstatic if you bring someone with you, possibly someone who's a fashion icon in the industry. As well as that, you also have an appearance on the 9th of June for a Burberry fashion show, wearing one of your father's pieces from the newest collection. And last but not least, you will be representing your father at the CFDA Fashion Awards for the international fashion creator award for all his successes."

Estella sighed, setting her phone down. "Mhm, okay. That's fine. Um, alright you can check out Lola. I'm heading down anyways to find David."

"You sure, you don't need anything else?"

"No, no. Everything's fine. You go home to your family." Estella stood up to hug her. "Happy birthday darling."

"Thank you Ms. Perez. Have a good day."

"You too honey." Estella watched her walk out of her office, gathering everything she needed so she could go home. She dropped her notepad in her beige purse, along with her other cellphone and a couple of documents she needed to finish in her home office. She had a very busy day so far, just wanting to have her lunch with her friend and head home to relax. She managed to find David in the cafeteria, already munching on a plate of food and Estella stared at him with a blank expression because he completely forgot about their lunch together. He apologized of course, kissed her goodbye before she headed home.

As soon as she stepped into her condo, her immediate mission was to take a shower, that is until her doorbell rung and she dropped her purse on the couch, rolling her eyes and making her way back to the door in which she opened, only to find a smiling Harry who had been holding Chinese food in one hand while in the other, roses.

"Harry? Hi!"

"There's a Teen Wolf marathon tonight so I figured, why not buy you some food and watch it. I know you just came home from work and I wanted you to relax." He brightly smiled down at her, Estella slumping her shoulders and pouting her lips because he was so good to her.

"What season is it?"

"Three part two," He grinned, knowing that was her favorite season. "Void Stiles."

"Is that what I think it is?"

"Yup, I went all out. Beef with broccoli, fried chicken with shrimp lo mein and shrimp rolls."

Estella screeched lowly. "My God, you're the best!"

Harry chuckled when he pulled her in her house, shutting the door behind him and locking it before wrapping her arms around him, embracing him in a tight hug that she sure enough needed today. With everything that's been going on at work, she felt like she really deserved a break. Plus, she hadn't seen him in over 3 weeks due to his trip to San Francisco to settle some business with other companies. She dragged him to her couch, Harry setting the food down on the table before they got comfortable, throwing off certain clothing pieces, grabbing liquor and glasses before relaxing on the sofa and turning on the television.

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