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THERE WAS ACTUALLY A POSSIBILITY THAT Estella could actually be herself. Not the person she portrayed herself as to make others seem like everything was ok. Both her and Harry have been through hell and back, though she knew his story more than he knew hers. He wasn't going to pressure her though because he knew a woman who kept secrets, kept them for a reasons. Many of those reasons include either the fact that those secrets are very personal or it those secrets hurt her dearly. Currently while he sat in his office, he thought about her. Thought about them and how things had been going so far.

He didn't think of Destiny when he was with Estella. He would never even compare the two of them together, even if they somewhat looked alike, there was no actual comparison. Destiny tore his heart apart at a very young age and that will always be attached to him like a leech no matter what he did. Estella was a beautiful, independent woman who wasn't afraid to let him open up to her. It was a scary thing really, after going through so much traumatic experience at a young age could really distinguish a person's character. Harry can certainly say he's changed a lot, and he's not the man he used to be.

Estella brought the happiness out of him, the fun, exciting Harry who was trapped deep within him. He just needed someone to dig deep and pull it out, and that's exactly what she did to him. He hadn't felt his happy in a long time and it was a great feeling, to feel free once again. But things never lasted forever.

The sound of his phone ringing knocked him out of his thoughts, blinking at the wall before turning to look down at his iPhone, Estella' name popping right up before he answered it. "Yes ma'am."

"Are you busy?" She asked with a quiet voice.

"Not really, why?"

"Well I was hoping you want to come over, we could watch movies and I'll make dinner. Or, we could go out to see a movie."

"Dinner and a movie? Sounds romantic. You trying to impress me?" He smirked, slowly spinning in his chair.

"Oh please, you're already wrapped around my finger like a ring."

"Yeah Yeah, whatever. I'll be over by 5."

"Okay, bye Papi."

Harry froze at the sudden word she let out her mouth, his chest tightening, the word somewhat having an affect on him, and something else. "B-bye."

Estella smirked down at her phone before hanging up, turning around only to scream and hold her heart when Raye jumped out from the corner of her door, scaring her half to death. "Snot-face!"

"Raye! Why, do you hate me so much." She breathed, almost smacking her across her face but all she did was laugh at her and pull her in for a hug.

"I don't hate you, I love you with all my big heart." She kissed her cheek, Estella cringing at her happiness.

"What's up with you? And why are you here, I have a date in like 3 hours."

Raye snapped her head back to her after looking around the place. "Wait! You're still seeing pretty rich boy?"

"I am," She laughed. "What's it to you?"

"He's cute, I'm mad I'm married," She jokes. "But you should totally go for it. He's adorable."

"Mhm, not just adorable."

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