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GETTING OUT OF THE SHOWER, ESTELLA wrapped herself in a towel, feeling a little more awake from the hot shower that she just took. It was about six in the morning and she had to get ready for work, which she did not feel like attending. Grabbing her toothbrush, she began doing her morning routine, brushing her teeth all around, watching the white foam appear everywhere. Estella stared at herself in the mirror, letting the sink run as her mind brought her back to yesterday.

She was so fucking surprised. Though she's only known Harry for only a little time, she felt like she knew more than she should. The fact that he even told her about his past said a lot to her. It said that he trusted her, and she was someone who wouldn't taken him for granted. She felt really broken for him though, so broken that what he said last night had been running around her head all in her sleep and even this morning. This wasn't normal. She had never had anyone tell her something so dark like that that she had to actually be in that position to help. It scared her already that things might happen between them.

But then again, she remembered what she told him last night. That the past was in the past and that it wasn't his fault. People make plenty of mistakes, and some of them could definitely be understood. All she wanted was for today to go smoothly, no distractions whatsoever. When she arrived at her father's building,she parked her car in the lot, got on the elevator and went up so she could get to her office.

"Good Morning Miss Perez." Jamie, the receptionist called to her, greeting her appropriately.

Estella smiled at her. "Morning Jamie."

She greeted a few people like she did every day as she makes her way to her lovely office, using the key to unlock the glass door and sliding inside, breathing in the fresh air of her quiet space. She set her bag down on her black desk, sitting in the leather chair and leaning back. Estella grabbed the remote for her TV and turned it on, the news channel being on. She put on her mini headset that was basically her work phone and grabbed her laptop from her bag.

"Jamie, could you tell Kate I need a salad and a strawberry banana smoothie please." She called for her, her instantly responding. Estella looked up to see her door being pushed open, smiling as she spots her friend sliding into her room, holding his coffee in one hand and his phone in the other.

"Morning baby doll." He takes a seat on the couch.

"Morning sweetheart." She smiles.

"You, Miss lady, have a lot of explaining to do." He says, making her frown as she slowly looks from her computer up to him.

"For what? What'd I do?"

"Oh, you know exactly what you did." He winks at her and she could feel her body heating up. She prayed the world didn't find out about her and Harry yet because then she'd be screwed.

"Lecture me later, I have too much work to do." She sighed, keeping it casual.

"Later? Oh no boo, lecturing begins now. I want all details on how you even got this close to this man we all know and love." He brings his body to her desk.

"I'm sorry, what?" She pretended.

He rolls his eyes, clearly annoyed by how she was not getting what he was talking about. "Uhh, hello! You and Harry Styles! Are you deaf?"

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