Chapter Two

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Gracie's POV

I sat across from Hudson picking at my ice cream. After pulling me away from Alpha Theo he brought to the kitchen and got both of us a bowl of strawberry ice cream. My favorite, but the events that just happened left my taste for anything sour.

"Why are you picking at you food?" Hudson asks pushing his bowl away as he wiped his mouth.

"If you knew something that I didn't you'd tell me right?" I ask him. His eyes narrow on me as he leans over the table slightly.

"Yes, why?" He questions. His gaze becoming intense.

"I- well that Alpha said something about me," I tell Hudson.

"Whatever he said means nothing. His opinion of you does not matter," Hudson says patting my hand.

"No, it's not that. He said-" before I could finish my sentence Beta Jacob walked in. My eyes meet his before quickly finding the floor.

"Hudson, Theo needs you," he says.

"Okay, do you want to come with me?" Hudson says slipping off his stool. I shake my head quickly. I don't want to face Alpha Theo again. At least not now.

"It's urgent," Beta Jacob says walking out of the kitchen. Hudson leaves the kitchen quickly following Beta Jacob. I sign in relief. That was close.

I take two bites of my ice cream before I jump off the stool and walk to the front door. No one was in sight which was weird for it being early afternoon.

I make my way out of the pack house and onto the sidewalk towards home. I wrap my arms around myself feeling the cool fall breeze. I should have worn a sweater.

After five minutes of a shivering walk I make it to the foster home. I open the door to see all the children playing in various places with various toys. The oldest kid other than me was Zach who happened to be ten. The youngest being Zara who was two and Zach's only living relative. His younger sister who had vision problems from the house fire that took their parents and aunt away 6 months ago. It wasn't that long ago, yet Zach tried to be strong for his sister.

Apart from Zach and Zara there were the five year old boys that had just arrived, Jason and Andrew. Then there was eight year old Violet and lastly 9 year old Keegan. Violet may have been a girl but she didn't let that stop her from playing tag with the boys. Nor did they see her as a problem.

Everyone treated each other as family here. We all lost people we loved and were given each other as a way to fill that whole in our heart. I may not talk much with the children but I loved every single one of them, I just happened to feel too old playing with them.

Zara on the other hand was a handful and was my second best friend. She could talk in small sentences and could even say my name. She was currently potty training and was almost ready to switch her pull-ups for panties.

"Gracie," Zara says wrapping herself around my leg. The little girl was the only person that could have my heart in full. She was just too sweet.

"Zara," I say bending down to pick the small toddler up.

"Gracie, I'm glad your back. It appears that Alpha Theo has just brought in a family with a little girl they can not care for," Ms. Rose tells me as she holds her self phone away from her ear.

"Why can't they care for her?" I question. It was not like a family to give up a pup. Pups were treasured like gold.

"She has heart problems, the same as you," Ms. Rose whispers putting the phone behind her back. No one knew of my heart problems other than the pack doctor and Ms. Rose. I didn't want people to think of me different because of a condition I couldn't control. It was on both my parents side of the family and how my mom ended up passing.

It's called heart disease or Coronary artery disease. Which basically means the blood flow to my heart isn't the best. In ran in my fathers family but he didn't die of it. He died of a rogue attack four years ago.

Before my mothers death, six years ago, her and my father produced three pups. My twin brothers and me. My twin brothers, Greyson and Grant, are currently spending some time in Spain. At least that's what I have been told.

I haven't seen them since before Mom died. I think it was two years before her death that they both took off to Europe. I was only eight at the time and wished my brothers would have stayed with me. They haven't been back since, but they send me a post card every three months. Even if I feel like they've abandon me, I still have kept every card they've ever sent. They would have to be twenty six now I think.

"How old is she?" I ask Ms. Rose.

"She is twelve," she nods bringing the phone back to her ear, "She is almost here."

It's very rare for a pup to be given a chronically illness because of our tough immune systems, but not impossible. It just means we were the runt of the litter, as some would say. Though parents are more likely to give a child up when it has a sort of condition. Seeing as only the strong survive.

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