Chapter One

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Gracie's POV

I sat eating a small plate of scrambled eggs that were covered in ketchup and beside it my bacon. My second favorite food. Strawberries happen to be first.

I keep my head down not making eye contact with any of the younger kids around me. I tend to keep to myself for obvious reasons. I was the oldest here. I was sixteen and still lived in the pack foster home.

Alpha Theo didn't think I was fit enough to live on my own. I didn't have the right mentality, is what he told me. He was a respectable alpha and scared me sometimes. He had never directed his anger towards me and tried to keep his calm when I was around.

We would color and drink tea on Sundays at noon. He called it his calm in the storm. I didn't talk much unless I was with him, or his brother, my best friend since birth.

Hudson was two months older than me, but everyone said we were inseparably since I was born. I would sleep and eat breakfast in the foster home, but spend most of my day with Hudson. He was sweet to me and if it weren't for Alpha Theo saying no, Hudson would have let me stay with him.

"Hudson's here!" Ms. Rose, our foster mom yelled. She was a plump older lady that had lost her mate before they were able to have pups, so she decided to take the role of fostering the pups who didn't have parents.

"Gracie, let's go," Hudson says helping me off of my stool. This happened every morning. Hudson would help me off the stool and we would walk to the pack house where we would spend the rest of the day before he would bring me home and tuck me into bed.

We walk in a comfortable silence as we make our way to the pack house. It was a beautiful fall morning and I wouldn't trade moments like these for anything. Today was Sunday so I would spend my morning with Hudson before having tea with Alpha Theo.

"Do you want to watch a movie?" Hudson asks slipping past the people chatting in the living room. Tons of people lived here, mostly single wolves yet to meet their mate.

"Finding Nemo?" I question. We only watched Disney and Pixar movies when I was around. I just didn't like any other kinds of movies.

"Of course," Hudson smiled at me tightening his grip on my hand as he pulled me up the stairs to his room.

I fall onto his bed as he turns the tv on. We would get through this movie and then it was time for tea.

"Theo wants to know if you want muffins?" Hudson says laying on the bed next to me.

"Um," I think for a moment, "yes."

"Okay says you might have to cut lunch short because he has an Alpha visiting," Hudson says putting on Finding Nemo. I nod my head pulling down my skirt that had rose slightly.


"Let's go," Hudson pulls me from his bedroom and towards Alpha Theo's office. I had countless tea party's with him. We had them every Sunday for as long as I can remember, yet I still get nervous when Hudson walks me to his office.

"Hudson can we have ice cream after?" I ask as we stood in front of the Alphas door. I was trying to delay the inevitable.

"Of course," he tells me knocking on the large oak doors. I'm not sure what it was that made me nervous about Alpha Theo, maybe the power that radiated off him in waves, or the fact that he could squish me with his pinky. He was a buff man and tall too, over a foot taller than me and I was 5'4.

Hudson and him carried a similar build, though Hudson was skinnier and was a few inches shorter. He also didn't have a hundred tattoos lining his body like his brother.

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