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Dream is sure to wake up before George does. As quickly as possible, he slips his mask on before George can see him without it.

And for a while, he just leans against the wall, watching George peacefully snore most of the morning away. Of course, after just a few minutes he begun to feel creepy about it, so he sort of just turned away and just settled on glancing every now and then in that general direction. Casually.

He supposes it's better than staring the unsuspecting man down. It's sort of a serial killer move.

It seems Dream made the right decision by walking away, because just after he does it, George's mouth snaps closed and he groans. Dream smiles, amused as he watches George try to fight with himself to stay asleep. Eventually, he loses miserably and scoffs, finally opening his eyes.

A scowl is immediately set on his face and Dream can't say he blames him. He didn't want to wake up this morning either. George scoffs again, seeing Dream standing against the wall just watching after rolling over on his side. His eyes fall shut again, but Dream doesn't think he's going back to sleep. "Hi." George grumbles, almost reluctantly.


George huffs out a little laugh and opens his eyes again. He stays down, his head nuzzled up in his pillow. "You sleep with your mask on?" He playfully asks.

"You're an idiot." Dream dismisses, not quite answering George. George sleepily smiles like he's proud of it. "Wanna go to the main today?" Dream asks on a hum, cocking his head back at him.

George's scowl returns, harsh. "Yeah." He grunts out his answer, sitting up in his bed finally.

He's got a bone to pick with Tommy.


The moment the two step foot in the main land of the server, George begins his scan of the area. It doesn't even take him long to find Tommy and Tubbo. They stand in plain sight, giggling and pushing each other around with Wilbur standing next to them. He's simply observing and laughing along.

George glances at Dream, noticing him looking in Sapnap, Karl, and Quackity's direction. Dream smiles at them when they notice the two standing at the entrance. "Wanna go?" He asks, nodding in their direction. George offers nothing but a nod which widens Dream's grin. He happily marches off to join their friends, but George doesn't follow.

Instead, George stomps over to Tommy and Tubbo, uncaring if Wilbur is right there. He crosses his arms over his chest when he makes it and scowls at the boys until they notice him, which isn't long.

Tommy's laughter dies down immediately and Tubbo blinks at him, like he's confused as to why George is scowling. A nervous grin grows slowly on Tommy's face. He knows what he's done. "Heyy...George." He awkwardly greets, quietly laughing.

George wastes no time. "Seriously, Tommy?" He spits, scoffing at him. George knows by Wilbur's confused and taken aback look that he has no idea what Tommy's been doing. Tubbo's expression is the exact opposite. He knows. "Come on, you two." George grumbles, nodding to the trees surrounding the main land. The two boys sigh, but they follow George towards the trees, completely ignoring Wilbur's confused gaze.

George huffs at the boys the moment they're all out of ear shot of the people around them, hidden away in the trees. "I know it was you two." George declares, raising is brow at them.

Tubbo sighs, defeated. "We're sorry, George. We were just trying to get back at you for burning the diamond." He apologizes sincerely, trying to reason with George. George narrows his eyes at him.

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