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I'm not one of those girls. The one that spends all of her time obsessing over an idol, dreaming about what it would be like to date him or even marry him. I don't set their random photos as my phone background, or stalk their member profile online. And heaven forbid, that I am definitely not one of those girls who writes fanfiction about their favorite idols. But around here, it seems like I'm the only girl who doesn't. The normal has now become the abstract. I just don't understand why everyone is so obsessed. They're just people who excel in singing and dancing. Okay, so I've already admitted that I'm not a fan girl, but another shocking fact about me, might be the fact that I don't even really like kpop all that much. Yeah, I know what you're thinking. 'A teenage girl who lives in Seoul, South Korea, who doesn't like kpop? That's unheard of!' Well folks, here I am. But anyway, enough about my unethical rejection of society around me. You're probably thinking 'why is she telling us this, and how is it relevant to this story?'

Well I'm about to tell you.

My story starts with a boy named Jooheon. Actually...the whole story happens because of him, but that's besides the point.

Jooheon used to be my neighbor. He was like the big brother I never had. We moved in when I was 6 and he was 10. My first memory of him was a a smiley boy with a basketball standing at my front door asking if I could come out and play.

We played everyday after that. We walked to school together, and home again after. Even after he was in secondary school while I was in primary. We were inseparable.

Six years later, he left to be a trainee at Starship entertainment.

It feels like its been a lifetime since then.
But that's because it has.

I watched him on every episode of No Mercy, and prayed he'd make it to the end.
The other day when I was walking inside the house after I had gotten home from school, Jooheon's mom ran over to me cheering and told me the news. I hadn't seen the last episode so I didn't know, but she told me, so I knew everything.

Jooheon was going to finally debut with his group that would be called Monsta X.

Almost immediately after she told me, she pulled me inside of her house and called Jooheon. After our brief conversations with him, she got their manager on the phone. After she started talking to him she stayed on the phone with him for an hour.

After she hung up she told me the news. And that is why I am packing right now. She convinced his manager to let me come and see him. She had to lie a bit and say I was his sister, but I basically was so it wasn't really even a lie.

Now that brings us around, full circle.
I'm not doing this for the music, or the idols. I'm doing it for Jooheon.

After shoving my last few things into my suitcase, I zipped it up and trampled down the stairs to the front door. My driver, ooh. I feel so fancy saying that. But yeah, my driver will be here any minute. Then I'd be off. I am going to stay with Jooheon for a month before he debuts with his group, and as of right now, I'm a bit terrified. For one thing, he doesn't know I'm coming, and secondly I haven't seen him in four years. And thirdly I just remembered that I have to act like I'm his sister. This is going to be a long month.

My driver arrived right on schedule. I hurried myself down the driveway to where the car was waiting. The driver opened my door and motioned for me to get in before he closed the door and put my luggage in the trunk.

Once we pulled away from the curb and began to drive away, I turned to look out the back window at my house. No one else was home. My parents were at work and my brother was at his friend's house. I guess you could say I haven't ever exactly been a priority in my house. But you don't need to hear about my problems. Bed I tore my gaze away from the window, I caught a glimpse of Jooheon's mom running out into her driveway and waving to me.

I was too far away now for her to see me wave back, but I did anyway. Then I turned around and sat normally as I smiled to myself.

I sat there in silence for a while as we continued to drive through the older more suburban part of Seoul.

"Are you nervous miss?" My driver finally said after an hour or so of driving.

The fact that I was biting my nails probably gave it away.

"Yeah. Just a bit I guess."

He looked at me through his rearview mirror and smile.

"Well don't be, you have no reason to. I'm sure you're friend will remember you."

"Hey! How did you know about that?"

"I am a driver for Starship entertainment employees, I know things."

He just kept smiling, and now I couldn't help but do the same.

"What's your name miss?"

"My name is Lee."

"Well its a pleasure to meet you. My name is George."

"Nice to meet you."

"And the same to you. Now as much as I am enjoying this conversation miss Lee, I believe we are going to be there any minute."

I hadn't even noticed how far into Seoul we were. There were skyscrapers towering over us, cars and people moving all over. The sound of the city surrounded us.

Moments later we pulled up infront of a large blue skyscraper with large windows and a sign that read Starship Entertainment.

"Well here we are miss Lee."

We pulled up next to the side walk and got out.
After George handed me my luggage he left me standing there as he drove away.

It took a moment to prepare myself before walking through the front doors, but seconds later I did.

I was immediately met by a stranger who later introduced himself as the assistant to Monsta X's manager. He led me upstairs through the lobby, past the desk and to an elevator. We got out on the sixth floor.

"This is your key to your brother's room. He shares his room with two other boys, but you'll be fine. Meet me in the lobby for dinner at 7:00." He gave me a key before turning and walking back into the elevator.

My hand was shaking as I walked down the hallway search in for the number on the door that would match the one on my key.

My heart nearly stopped as I took the key and slid it into the lock. With a click it unlocked and I pushed the door open.

It was empty.

I walked in, rolling my suitcase behind me. There were two sets of bunk beds, tiny kitchen, and a room off to the side which I assumed to be a bathroom. Before I decided to go rummaging around I pushed my suitcase into a corner.

I jumped at the sound of the door unlocking and creaking open. I turned to see Jooheon walk into the room.

It took him a moment to register that I was there, but when it finally did, he looked shocked.

"Hi Jooheon." I whispered.

He had one hand on the door handle like he was about to run out, and the stunned look on his face didn't change.

"Umm. Hi...who are you?"

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