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          I looked out the window and sighed at my view of the blackened wall attached to the run-down apartment complex three feet away. No, I'm not rich. And no, I don't have a nice family. I don't have a family at all. Everyone here keeps to themselves, especially our "Mother". I prefer the name Matron, as she lacks a single maternal cell in her body, and has absolutely no redeeming qualities. Miss Geeter is what she has us call her, and although we know her name, she doesn't know ours. Oh, it's not like she never made the time, which believe me – she wouldn't have anyway. She hasn't told us our names. Her reason being that if our parents didn't want us, who would? And if no one wants us, what's the point in having a name, an identity? That's why, for the whole fifteen years of my life, I've been nameless.  


Hey! This is my first story on Wattpad! I actually had this idea some four years ago, but I never got past chapter 1. I'm going to give writing another chance, or a chance at all since one chapter isn't much xD 

                                                      <3 Ashley :D

P.S. I strongly encourage constructive criticism and suggestions!

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