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i walk into the school building looking for dane to discuss our lesson plans but before i can open the door a small girl pushes through and bumps right into my chest and drops all her books, she starts to cry and apologize a lot before i can stop her.

"sh, it's okay your alright.." i say trying to soothe the trembling girl.

"i'm so sorry i'm a mess today." she says quietly before going to turn away from me, but i lightly grab her shoulder not trying to let this beauty away from my sight.

"wait what's your name?" i say.

she looks up at me with her big doe eyes still brimmed with tears as she says "no-elle" she says trying not to cry again, i have to stop myself from picking her up and wrapping her in my arms, wanting to shield her from the world.

"i'm mr. carter but you can call me gray.." i say hoping to try and calm her, her eyes slightly widen as she backs away before running down the hall and out the door.

did i say something wrong? hm.. i turn and open the door to danes classroom and see him sitting on his chair with his hands in his hair.

"dude, what did you do to that angel that just came running out of your class crying?" i say with my eyebrow raised trying not to punch him in the face, there's no reason she should be that upset after his lesson.

"jesus christ you scared me." he says annoyed.

"answer the question." i say pissed off.

"she came in late today and started to get emotional, i didn't do anything you prick." he says defensively.

"but she was the most gorgeous girl i have ever seen in my life." he adds.

i'm shocked. not that he said she's gorgeous but the fact that he never shows his emotions and likes to hide himself and his emotions away from everyone.

"we have to keep her safe and protected, i couldn't imagine her getting hurt." i say, dane nods his head completely agreeing.

"let's get home to check on the other dumbasses, hopefully they haven't burnt down the house yet." i say laughing, dane nods his head and we make our way back to our house.

as soon as we get to the house i see hunter on the couch playing video games while grants on the chair reading a book.

"damn it i died!" hunter yells throwing his controller on the couch, grant rolls his eyes while he looks up at me and dane, hunter follows looking up at us.

"we just saw the most alluring girl in the world."
i say proudly while grant raises his eyebrows and hunter scrunches his own.

"no way, we just saw the most breathtaking girl ever at the store yesterday. she looked out of this world." hunter says longingly.

this seems to good to be true, another girl? but hunter thinks everyone is attractive but if grant is agreeing too she must be special.

"no way. nothing could be as beautiful as the girl we saw." dane says angry, before storming off into his room. man he's my best friend but sometimes he's a bit dramatic.

hunter rolls his eyes and goes back to playing a new game, grant goes to the kitchen probably to start cooking. we all cook a bit but we take turns and personally grant makes the best good, dane hates the effort, and all hunter can make is either cereal or ramen noodles. and i just like to stick to my basics, i go up to my room and start to go over my lessons for tomorrow. trying not to let my mind wander off to her.

next day

i woke up at 5:00 am and headed to the shower, after i put on my work clothes and head out the door to prepare for my class at 7.

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