just the girl

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inspired from the song: just the girl by the click five.

suggested by _darkestnight, i loved the song!! <3


I groaned because of how loud my alarm tone is with my phone right beside my ear, the sunlight striking me in the most agonizing way to start my day.

Looking at the time, it's the last alarm I've set which means I slept through the earlier ones.

My eyes darted to the bed beside mine. "Shit," I got up, swinging my feet to the floor.

Just as what I expected, my roommate beat me to shower today.

"Jennie!" I grunted. "Are you almost done?"

"Just got in! Wait for your turn loser!"

She knows exactly how to rile me up.

I just know for sure I'll be late for my class.

"Okay, can you shower faster? I can't be late!" I rushed to the kitchen to make up a quick breakfast.

Instead of answering, I heard a song being blasted inside the bathroom with her loud singing voice.

"DROP! SOME MONEY!" and she went on and on, making me frustrated.

Looks like I won't be taking a shower today either.

God, she knows just what to do so my whole day is ruined.

The next day I was up early but Jennie was surprisingly earlier. I waited patiently though since I wasn't running late.

We didn't talk. I've known her even before college since we were from the same high school but we never had a decent talk since she's so damn cold and annoying to me.

As I made my turn to where the bus stop is, I immediately run seeing that I could still catch that one bus.

But then it started moving.

My eyes caught my roommate inside that bus, I could've sworn our eyes met.

"Jennie!" I called for her even when she probably won't hear me as I jog beside her.

Instead of helping me out, I saw her roll her eyes as she put her earpods on before the bus completely went ahead.

"Dammit!" I kicked stones out of frustration, not caring about the stares I was getting.

That night, I was on a phone call with my mom when Jennie came home. There was a hint of smirk on her annoying face when our eyes met.

I glared at her and then turned to my side. "Yeah, Ma... Thanks for understanding. I promise I'll come home next week. I'll just win this competition first.... I know, I know. Your dancer would soon be the best dancer in the world so don't worry—"

I paused one I heard a chuckle at my back.

Jennie seldom laughs but when she does, it's because of me. Not because I'm joking but because she's just being her annoying self.

Like laughing at my dreams.

For someone whose laugh is too angelic, she's one cruel girl. I can't believe hearing her laugh was once my dream too. And I have no intention in letting her know anymore.

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