Chapter 14

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(Your POV)

You were wearing the maids outfit Alois gave you and was dusting the book shelves in Ciel's study."Y/N."You heard Ciel say."Yes Ciel."You said turning your head."We have to talk about Elizabeth."He said looking down."Oh yeah,you mean 'it'?"You said highly annoyed."Yes."He replied."Ciel ill handle it."You said hopping off the ladder.You heard two knocks on the door.You was dusting offt the shelf behind the door so when the door busted open you fell off the ladder."CIELLL!!!"You heard Elizabeth yell."WHAT THE HAY MAN!!!!"You yelled getting off the ground."Oh hi Y/N,I didn't see you there."Elizabeth said looking at you smiling."DONT GIVE ME THAT CHEESY SMILE YOU YOU......PIECE OF S-"You started but stopped when your father walked in."Hey Sebastia."Elizabeth said sweetly."Hello Lady Elizab-"Your father said before getting interrupted By you."HI DADDY!!!!"You yelled jumping on him."Y/N what's wrong with you?"Your father asked catching you."Nothing...I just love you so much!"You said giving him a slight kiss on the cheek.You saw a blush form on Elizabeth's face."........HOW CUTE!!!!!!"She screeched.'She is so annoying.'You rolled eyes.Elizabeth ran up to you and whispered in your ear "I won't lose to you I have ciel on my side."You smirked and looked at her as she backed away."Fine then the games shall begin."You said as your eyes flash.You heard Elizabeth gasp."Your eyes changed colors."She said pointing at you as your father looked at you."Oh it's just the sunlight."You said looking at your father mouthing 'don't worry about it.'

I know it's short but yeah

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