"Well while you're here regina, you'll take orders from me,"

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"That's impossible," dad said

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"That's impossible," dad said

"Yeah, dad that's what I said," I said while folding my arms.

"Maybe you guys missed one, who knows," Sawyer said and I sighed.

"Or maybe those few men joined the De Luca mafia because they were small in numbers," Laura said

"I don't know babe I mean all of this is getting a little weird," I said and her ringtone echoed through the room.

"Excuse me," she said after pulling out her phone. She stepped out of the room and I sat down in my seat.

"Can we keep in mind that the De Luca's save their asses?" aunty Lily said

"Yeah, I don't think the De Lucas has anything to do with these attacks Royalty. I mean hello Dimitri saved me and if he was against us wouldn't he have killed me instead of doing the opposite" Saige said.

"With the way, he was holding you maybe he saved you for a reason," Xaiver said

Xaiver was Sawyers's best friend

His like another child to our parents, they loved him in fact the whole family does.

Saige and Xaiver had this secret friend-with-benefits type of relationship going on but ever since I got back home they have been going at each other throats.

And not the sexy way.

"And what reason would that be dickhead?" Saige said

"Language," both dad and mom said at the same time.

"What's wrong with you two?" Sawyer asked while looking at them weirdly.

They were both glaring at each other

"Ugh" Saige groaned before standing.

She walked out and Xavier sighed. "Go after her you idiot," Sawyer said

"Why?" Xavier asked

"I don't know maybe fix whatever the hell is going on between you two. You guys have been going at each other for a while now and I'm getting tired of it so go" Sawyer said

Xaiver looked at dad before standing. "I know Leon I remember," he said before going after Saige.

If dad or Sawyer had the slightest idea of what's going on between them all hell will break loose between the three.

"What do they want and why are they protecting Saige and Royalty"

"And why the hell is the symbol membership tattoo of their mafia on these idiots who crashed Royalty's return ball," Uncle Liam said

"I think I need to sit down with Lorenzo and have a talk about all of this," I said and they sighed.

"Royalty-" dad started but mom cut into his sentence.

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