To Steal A Wolf's Heart - The Mark Of The Wolf

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Werewolf Rule Number Five: Your mate is yours to protect and love. You should know all about them, even the little marks and scars, how and when they got them, and what do they mean. You should also not keep secrets from your mate or hide flaws and faults, this is what they come to recognise on you.

We finally reach a clearing in the forest and Connor drops me, my anger has me on high alert, so I land before I hit the ground. I start growling and snapping at Connor, he walks up to me and takes a big sniff, “you know, you smell different from when you were younger” he says absent-mindedly, I smirk up at him “I’m not younger anymore” I reply, “well it smells good” he says shrugging it off, “thanks” I say, kind of turned on but also weirded out, he just laughs, “well if you don’t mind, I’m leaving” I say turning away, he catches my arm, sending shocks through it. Connor spins me around and crashes hi lips into mine, I kiss him back, I know I shouldn’t, but I can’t help it. Connor nips my bottom lip, asking for entrance, I let him and our tongues tangle together. I run my hand under his shirt and trace his eight packs with my fingers.

He seems to like this and pulls of his shirt. I put my hands my hands to his head and tangle my fingers in his jet black hair. He brings his hands down to my zipper and undoes it. I run my hands down his sides and trace the mark on his left side. It’s a big black tribal wolf climbing up his side, I let out a small gasp but continue to kiss him, his mark is identical to mine. Connor slides my dress off me, and I’m left standing in my heels and a black and purple lace panties and bra set. He keeps kissing me and begins to run his hands down my side, my mark felt like it was on fire. When he gets to it though, he freezes.


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to see the mark google climbing wolf and it will be one of the first ones you see!!!

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