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"miss, were here." the driver says as the car comes to a stop infront of a small apartment complex.

i stumble awake at the sudden stop, "thanks, here" i rush out as i give him the money for the ride and jump out with my bags.

wow i cant believe this is finally happening..

i grab my luggage and backpack and make my way up to my room after i check in at the front.

i pass by room 210 , 211 , 212  and finally room 213, where i'll be staying till life takes me elsewhere. i unlock the door and move past the kitchen and living room to my room. there's a big bed in the center of the room with a window near the right of it. to my right there's a bathroom and to my left i have a walk in closet other than that the room is empty. i glance at the clock 5:15, i sigh as i start to unpack my bags and make my room my own.

7:32, i collapse on my bed as i take a look around my new decorated room, i added pink silk sheets, some plain pillow cases along with a bunch of fuzzy soft blankets and stuffed animals, i love to snuggle with at night. i also added some small lights around my room to give it a glow and unpacked my whole life's clothes into the closet and finished setting up my vanity and makeup area to the left of my bed.

i yawn as i drag myself out of bed, i should go to the store tomorrow and grab some extra necessities and grocery's but for now i'm gonna order some food and watch netflix to end off my long day of traveling.

next day

i turn off my 10th alarm i set on my phone and stretch myself out of my cozy little bed, i turn on the shower and start playing some taylor swift, best way to start the day.

i drag myself out of the hot steamy shower and wrap myself up in a big soft towel. i blow dry my hair and throw on some black leggings and a baby tee before i put on my socks and converse. then quickly add a bit of concealer under my dark eye bags and curl my short lashes and apply a thin coat of mascara over them to make me look atleast a bit alive, then finally a little bit of blush and highlighter in my inner corner of my eye, and cant forget some lipgloss. then i'm on my way to the store. i grab my keys and purse and were off to target. literal heaven on earth.

i grab a basket and walk myself throughout target buying a bunch of little things which i probably don't need but want. i'm busy looking through clothes when suddenly i'm being bumped from
behind, i turn around and see a tall guy with wavy hair with a sweatshirt and sweatpants and next to him is a another guy around the same height with baggy pants and a tight fitting long sleeved top.

i gulp as i take a step back,

"oh my gosh im so sorry are you okay?" he says rushed out before he fully looks at me and his eyes widen slightly, his friend smacks him on the head "idiot" he mutters, "im sorry this dumbass bumped into you..." he says as he slightly pushes his glasses up and looks down at me slowly.

"i-it's fine." i stuttered.. this isn't like me but these guys are making my heart flutter under there gazes. i look down quickly once i notice there still watching me.

"i'm hunter, i'm honestly so sorry i wasn't looking but i don't know how i could've missed someone as gorgeous as you." he says slyly as he looks over me once more.

"again love, we deeply apologize for disturbing you my names grant, what's your's darling?"

"i'm noelle..." i say as i slowly raise my eyes to theirs they slightly smile at me showing there perfectly white straight teeth.

"u-um i-i should go it was nice meeting you guys." i say quickly as i grab my basket and rush down the aisle towards the checkout. i feel there eyes on me as i walk out of the store rather fast, my heart thumps against my chest as i throw myself into my car and drive myself back to my apartment blasting whatever's on my playlist to distract my racing mind.

i grab my things and unpack the food into the fridge and change into some cozy clothes and relax for the evening to calm myself down from what happened earlier. i put on a pair of pajama shorts and a fuzzy sweatshirt and cuddle myself up into the couch with a snack and stuffie and let my mind drift away into whatever i feel like watching.

i feel my eyes start to close as i finish up the 5th episode of my show, i start to think about tomorrow which will be my first day of college which i'm beyond nervous for and i cant imagine what will happen, i miss my mom already and all i want to do is cry. but i guess that will have to wait till tomorrow, i hope it goes okay..

next day

i feel the sun on my face as i open my eyes and pull myself off the couch i yawn as i reach for my phone and glance at the time, 8:01 okay. WAIT WHAT shittttt class starts at 8:15 i run to my bathroom and quickly do my business before changing into a white pleated skirt with a pink plaid tank top.

i pull back the two front pieces of my hair and put them in a ribbon as i run and put on my white socks and shoes and rush out with my pink pastel backpack and armful of books. i check the time 8:13 two minutes till class great. i run to my car and go as fast as i can till i reach the school which thankfully isn't too far away i get there in less than 5 minutes. it's now 8:17 ugh don't i have the best luck?

i run out of my car and into the building struggling to find my class and finally i find it. it's only, i check my phone 8:21 i mentally slap my face. i creak open the door and all eyes turn to me, i look to my left and i see a tall man in all black with his sleeves rolled up so that you can see his arms are covered with tattoos. i slowly turn my eyes to his face and see him standing with his arms crossed and eyebrow cocked.

"why are you late?" he says before slowly turning away and addresses the class to continue working. he walks closer and waits for me to respond.

"i-i-i'm s-so sorry s-sir." i tremble under his thick aura and dominance. i slightly shake as he examines me waiting for me to go on, "i s-slept in, o-o-on accident..." i say as tears start to fill my eyes in embarrassment as im ashamed of myself.

he takes a step back and looks me over before turning around, "just don't let it happen again..."

"n-noelle.. sir." i rush out.

"noelle." he says slowly and walks back to start teaching again. i shake slightly as i walk myself to a seat in the middle ish area as people start to look my way, i look down and find a seat and get my books out.

i glance up and meet his eyes i quickly look down as he starts talking about todays lesson, i look up at the board it reads mr. dane hart.

the lesson drags on slowly as i wait for him to dismiss us.

"alright class i think that's it for today make sure to study what i went over today cause it may be on an assignment soon, you guys can all go except for noelle." my eyes shoot up as i tremble slightly as i feel eyes stare at me before everyone makes there way out of the classroom.

i slowly grab my stuff and make my way towards his desk.

"noelle, make sure your paying attention and tomorrow you better not be late or there will be consequences.." he says before wiping down the board.

"alright.." i say as my voice slightly wavers and i rush out of the room before i can make it two steps i stumble into a tall big body and drop my books. the tears i've been holding in from the last two hours start to fall as i apologize profusely before i'm being shushed and books are being put back into my arms.

"sh, it's okay your alright.." i glance up at the towering body and wipe the tears from my eyes.

"i'm so sorry i'm a mess today." i say just above a whisper and start to turn away before he grabs my shoulder, "wait what's your name?" "no-elle" i swallow in between talking to stop myself from crying once more.

"i'm mr. carter but you can call me gray.." my eyes widen as i recognize that name as my other teacher i have for a lesson tomorrow. i notice his confusion as i slowly back away before rushing down the hall to my car and driving back to my apartment.

i shake slightly as i close and lock my door and slide down it as i try to calm my breathing... what is happening to me?

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