We couldn’t let The Control see the shadow – Chimera and Evanesce, they were Elementals. While The Control were visiting to ‘assess’ Blake, Cameron, Sophia, Bree and Cara, and they weren’t evil or any reason to worry about, but this shadow was. If The Control was to see the shadow and realise it was also an Elemental they would lump the ‘good’ Elementals along with it and see them as some sort of threat. I had no idea what they would do if they deemed the five as a threat but I was sure it couldn’t be good.

“So my dears, what were you two and this... Derrek? Doing with the Elementals in the forest?” Marco asked. I could sense the power emanating from him and turned to see The Control and Mr Obsidian looking at Helena and I waiting for an answer.

“We were...-“

“Just exercising our abilities” Helena interrupted me. “Many of the other Abled students aren’t quite as comfortable with the sense of something ‘new’. So we tend to watch the Elementals exercise their abilities in privacy”

“Yes...” I agreed lamely.

Marco nodded and shared a look among the other three leaders that I didn’t quite understand. Hopefully they wouldn’t dissect Helena’s words to try and find something incriminating. I glanced down at Helena’s fingers and noticed she was randomly waving her fingers, as though her fingers were playing across the keys of a piano, and saw her eyes concentrating into the forest.

We entered into the forest and I heard the hollow whispering of wind blowing through the trees. It didn’t seem like the natural flow of wind and was wondering if Bree was sending us a message or signalling us something. Was there more danger? Was someone injured? I had no idea and the suspense was killing me knowing that I couldn’t do anything while under the watchful eyes of The Control.

[Derrek’s POV]

My muscles were clenching and my legs shook as I concentrated every bit of my will power to contain the shrieking shadow inside the fire dome. The Elementals stood helplessly to the side, knowing that they couldn’t do anything to help me. Containing this shadow was solely up to me and it was beginning to take its toll on me.

“How long is it going to take them?!” I growled when I quickly fixed up a hole that was beginning to widen from my lack of energy.

“It can’t be too long? Maybe Mr Obsidian wasn’t in his office-“ Cameron started before being interrupted by Bree.

“Quiet!” She shushed him. “The air is too quiet”

Everyone fell silent as we realised she was telling the truth. Suddenly the trunk of a thick tree snapped. The cracking sounded like bones cracking and slowly it groaned and fell to the ground. Everyone had taken up offensive and defensive positions but it was then that we realised the bark of the tree was starting to rip off.

“What the...?” I whispered under my breath. Light ripping noises filled the air as we watched the bark rip itself away from the tree to form words.

The Control is here.
Release the shadow.
Entering forest now.

“Do you think it’s a trap?” Sophia asked as her animal-like eyes darted around the trees looking for an invisible enemy.

“No... it’s Helena. She’s warning us! She’s with The Control and they’re nearly here” He looked up from the ripped bark and up at me, “She’s saying you need to let the shadow go”

“What? No!” I shouted back.

“I don’t like the idea either Matchstick! But she’s warning us that we should and I’m sure she has a good reason!” Blake shouted back.

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