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Pen Your Pride

Liam's POV

"Good morning class. I'm Mr. Tomlinson and I want to welcome you to college!" My drama teacher started off.

The word 'college'  just scared me. That means that I'm an adult and I can't handle that. I'm a child in my heart and I don't want to mature. Sure I can make responsible decisions but I don't want to be at the age where I have to go to work and pay my own bills. The teacher paced the front of the classroom and stared out at the class.

"To start off the school year with a good student-teacher relationship, I want everyone to write a three page paper about your life so far. I want to hear about what you have gone through and what made you get into the theatre. Don't worry, I will be the only person reading these so don't feel like you need to hold back. let it all be heard by me." as he finished his sentence, the bell rang.

Today was just our preview day where we meet our teacher and they describe what the course is going to be about. The class gets up and leaves and I follow them. I notice Mr. Tomlinson's eyes linger on me for a few minutes. I continued on walking out the door and went to my next class. The rest of the day all that I could think about was Mr. Tomlinson.


Tell me your comments about this story. This is my first bromance fan fiction so I would like your opinions. If it's good, vote.

Can't Stand It by NeverShoutNever is on the side. I find it to be the cutest song I've ever heard. *Warning* Some cuss words.

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