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This is my first attempt at writing a story and I hope you all like it :) I would appreciate any feedback or constructive criticism that will benefit my writing, any rude or insulting comments will simply be deleted.

WARNING: If you are a religious feminist and cannot stand any sign of weakness from a protagonist, I advise you do not carry on further with this book. Thank you :)


Demetrius Mavros, as cold and viscous as they come, they say he is the devil in an Armani suit and I would agree with them at the drop of a hat. Who is this man I speak so harshly of? Well he is my husband.

Sophia Mavros, daughter of former Doctor Fabian Baros and late Maria Baros and wife of the one and only Demetrius Mavros. That's who I am or who I thought I was, now I'm not so sure, am I a wife or a puppet?

Being as rich as I am you would think my life is all sunshine and rainbows, if only you knew was it was like to be married to a controlling and demanding Greek tycoon that is Demetrius Mavros.

His dangerous aurora intrigued all the women in Greece, including me. I was more then shocked when Demetrius' eyes even strayed my way. He wanted me, and I was more than willing to give myself to him but what I didn't know was that my husband, Demetrius Mavros had an insatiable appetite, an insatiable appetite for me.

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