Day 21: Big Revelations Should Always Be Accompanied By Quizes

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 Tonight's the night when we forget about the heartbreaks,

 It's time.


Start Destination: Stockholm, Sweden

End Destination: Oslo, Norway

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7:48AM (GMT) / 8:48AM (Local Time)


As the car gently edges out of the car park I look out at the rear-view mirror, watching as we leave yet another hotel and, in turn, another city.

Levi notices my gaze, he is sat in the driver's seat next to me and he briefly diverts his eyes from the road to glance over at me. I watch out of the corner of my eye as he opens his mouth as if to say something before shutting it firmly and turning back to the road, his hands gripping the steering wheel ever so slightly tighter.

Rosie is asleep on the back seat, apparently tired from our exciting day yesterday and El has put her headphones in, apparently disgusted at Levi's taste in music.

And so it almost feels as if it is just Levi and I in the car and as he turns up the music in the car I begin to hum along before, without meaning too, breaking out into song. For a few moments Levi is silent, although the expression on his face suggests that there are plenty of things that he wants to say, and then he turns to me with a wide grin and begins to sing along with me.

It is easy and effortless to the point where I begin to wonder where everything between Levi and I went wrong. Moments like these remind me of the good times and sometimes it's easy to forget why I need to forget him. Levi is like a book that I can get caught up in who somehow manages to distract me from the real world just long enough that it's difficult to forget him. I know this, I know that enjoying time with Levi is the equivalent of lighting one more cigarette but I find that in the moment I just don't care because Levi is staring ahead with one of the widest smiles I've seen the whole trip and the two of us are both singing at the top of our lungs without a care.

"I sure hope these windows are soundproof," Levi teases, "else the locals are going to be wondering who's torturing a cat."

I decide to ignore his comment and instead twist around in my seat to ensure that we have not woken Rosie up. It appears we were not singing that loudly, El is still furiously swiping her IPod screen trying to find some specific song.

She looks up when she feels my gaze on her and offers me a small smile but says nothing. Her mind seems to be elsewhere, something I have noticed since we first woke up this morning and I am worrying about her slightly, hopefully it's nothing too serious and I know that she is aware she can talk to me about it at any time, whenever and wherever she wants to.

Levi sends me a crooked smile as he continues to drive and begins to resume his singing as the next track on the CD begins to play.

"I always forget how good your music is," Levi tells me as the instrumental begins and I try desperately to sing along.

"I can't decide whether to be insulted or think that's sweet," I tell him honestly.

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