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"You're here! I've been waiting for you!" A tall dark skinned model says as I open the door to Grey Steel Inc. I hadn't been in here in so long that I nearly got lost making my way to my office on the top floor.

"Why have you been waiting for me?" I question with a raised eyebrow. I was far too tired to be hit on, apparently births take time to actually happen and after the birth the people that watch the birth are supposed to leave the room and still stay.  I waited three hours just to hold that baby but it was well worth it.

Everyone greeted me as I walked through. Their eyes casting away in fear and embarrassment at their boss coming into work. Grey Steel was ran by a very close associate of mine, Summer Steel. She was the best CFO a girl could ask for, especially because I took care of the mafia aspect of everything and she took care of literally everything else. While I was away though, she helped everyone steady everything because she was a literal beast.

"When you emailed me that you were coming into the office, I scheduled you some meetings."

"Who are you?"

"Nina Tellings." She shoots out her hand for me to shake but I ignore it.

"I've never met you, Nina Tellings."

"Right!" She agrees. "I'm your assistant, I'm new."

I look at Adonis, "I thought you hired me a boy."

He shrugs, "He sent in his resignation and then she appeared a week later. I looked into her, I hired her."

"You gotta notify me when you do these things."

"You were kinda dead." Adonis deadpanned.

"Fair point," I look at the girl with her annoying bright smile and yellow shirt. I frown at the shirt, it was the ugliest thing I've seen in a long time. "What are you wearing?"

"What's wrong with it?"

"It's so bright." I gesture wildly to the shirt.

"They said you liked bright."

"Intelligence wise not shirts that could pass as the sun."

She smirks, "I like my shirt, sorry about it. Not all of us can wear crocs to the office."

I squint at her, "Are you giving me attitude? I'm your boss."

"Yeah and fun fact, boss, I'm not an assistant that you can insult and get away with it. Especially wearing two different shades of brown." She flicks my brown button up.

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