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I really like this prompt :) Ideas come to me in weird places haha. It's short but i hope you enjoy it. :)

'What the fuck did you think you were doing Hemmings?!' Michael yelled, slamming the front door closed behing them.

'What the hell do you mean Clifford?!' Luke yelled back, turning round so he and Mikey were less than a metre apart by the front door.

'You know perfectly well what i mean Luke!' Michael growls, running a hand through his flaming red hair, which was moist with sweat.

Michael and Luke had been invited to a party at school jock Ben's house. Ash and Calum went too, but they had gone to make out upstairs and told the other two to make their own way home.

At least that was the plan. Michael had walked downstairs to find Luke after a couple of drinks, to see him pressed against a wall by another guy.

It was horrible; Luke had his hands in the guy's hair and there were hands running down Luke's thighs.

Yes Luke was gay. No Michael didnt have a problem with it. But he did have a problem with someone touching and kissing Luke when it wasnt him.

'What then Michael? Me kissing another guy...?'

'Yes Luke, it fucking pissed me off!' Michael yelled back, pressing himself against the door.

'Well why the hell did it piss you off Mike?!' Luke growled at him.

'Do you have a problem with me kissing another guy? Is that what it is?!'

'No Luke of course not!'

Luke stood with his arms outstretched, dramatically shouting all his abuse at Michael.

'Well why can't i kiss another guy?!'
Michael just looked down and fiddled with his sweater.

'Well Clifford?!' Luke took a step closer. Michael looked up so they were almost nose to nose.

'He was using you Luke. He was touching you and it just set me off okay? He wanted you to fuck him Luke!' Michael moaned loudly.

Luke paused. 'What if i wanted to?'
Michael felt tears fill his eyes and he looked down so Luke couldn't see. He couldnt say anything. Not after that.

'Youre a fucking dick Michael, pulling me away from him like that. Anyone would think you were my boyfriend,' Luke said, voice softening slightly now. Michael visibly tensed.

'I didnt want him touching you,' Michael said, looking up and seeing Luke was blushing.

'Why the fuck not Michael?!' Luke's voice got louder.

'He wasn't me,' Michael said, and before Luke could register what he had said, Michael grabbed Luke's shoulders and pushed him against the door, smashing their lips together.

To his surprise, Luke kissed back almost immediately, sliding his tongue into Mikey's mouth. Mikey moaned.

'No guy will ever...touch you it Hemmings?' Mikey questioned between kisses.

Luke pulled away and looked into Mikey's eyes. 'Got it,' he said and grinned, before capturing Mikey's bottom lip between his own, and sucking harshly.

Mikey picked Luke up, wrapping his legs around his waist, and held him up by his hands under his thighs.

'You're mine Hemmings,' Michael mumbled against his lips.

'Yours,' Luke replied, and resumed kissing the red-haired boy...

This wasn't written that well but i liked this prompt haha. Hope you enjoyed lovelies :)x

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