Percy Jackson: The Adult Life Part 3

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  • Dedicated to My Teacher From 3rd Grade!

Most characters belong to Rick Riordan. I do not own Percy Jackson, Annabeth, Nico, or Grover, or any other ones from the book.

Did you ever feel like a tornado was coming, but it was a good tornado? You wanted that tornado stronger, though, and you cried over it? No? Well, I'm sure this was how Mom and Dad felt at this point. On with the story, I'm sure you don't want to hear my opinion, right now, I'm not even born yet.

That night, Percy had a dream he had become a god. His child was a demigod, and Percy and Annabeth were the happiest couple in the world. Then he woke up. Percy sighed, and went back to sleep.

Across the street, Rachael was sleeping peacefully. Was.....

Nico awoke to the Rachael shaking.

"Now you have to wake me up at night to say your visions, too?" he grumbled. "Thanks a lot." Rachael spoke:

"There will be a child born on a Sunday

Of two famous heroes, and this child will not

Be the cause of a huge dismay.

That will come after, when it has discovered it's fear

And the child will live, immortal at bay.

Fifty years will pass

The child finds someone new.

Fall in love, do the lad and the lass.

The child makes up the wildest decision.

Love and war, what's not to do?

"Gods, Rachael, you just woke me up!" Nico complained when Rachael awoke from her trance.

"Sorry, Nico!" Rachael muttered sleepily. "I can't help it, you know that."

"Yeah, yeah, yeah. Excuses...." Nico mumbled before drifting back to sleep. Rachael quickly followed.

Miles away, Chiron was awakened by an alarm. "Really, Rachael!" he too grumbled, in spite of himself. "You just had to make a prophecy at three in the morning!"

Reluctantly, Chiron walked to the prophecy house. Listening to the prophecy, he was shaking his head.

"This cannot be right." he told himself. "The demigods cannot have an immortal child, unless...he shuddered. Why would anyone in their rightful mind dunk their baby into The River Styx?"

......... Many months later........

"It's time! Yay!" Madisyn grinned like a cheshire cat as she and her husband turned the corner on the streets of New York.

Annabeth returned the smile, then frowned, beside her.  "Oof!" she exclaimed.

"What's wrong?" Percy, beside her, inquired.

"The baby just kicked. I don't know felt extremely strong."

Annabeth, Percy, Madisyn, and Madisyn's husband all frowned.

"That should NOT happen, Annabeth. Especially when you are almost at your due date. It's only 3 weeks off!"Madisyn exclaimed.

"Your due date is in two weeks." Annabeth reminded her.

"Yeah, I know, we all have big bellies around here." she smiled.

"Oh! We're here!" Annabeth squealed, for the first time in her life. She was wwaaaaayyyy too macho for that. The group walked into the building, then told the receptionist,"Six hundredth floor. Baby shower."

She smiled and peered over the large desk to grin at their bellies. "Even though I hate men, I sure love babies." she stood up, showing an I heart archery tee.

"Artemis?" Percy guessed.

"Darn!" she smiled.  "I was hoping to surprise you." the young receptionist turned back into the twelve year old girl Artemis usually appeared as. Behind her, eternally sixteen year old Thalia poked out. "Can we come early and help set up?" she asked.

Annabeth nodded and Thalia gave all of them hugs. They hopped into the elevator and placed a "special" key in it's lock. The elevator starting rising upward. "Sorry, guys." Artemis told them. "It will be a little while, because you can't move fast." she smiled at Madisyn and Annabeth's big bellies.

Can't wait to give you more, next time I will start from right here. Because......let's just say Mom and Dad hear something.....important in the elevator. Very.......important. Love ya,

On wait, I can't give you my name yet! Okay, I will tell you. Here's a kind of cliffhanger: my name is Destiny......because boy, is my destiny ever.....sorry. Spoiling the story. Gods, I remind myself of my mother. OMZ! I sound exactly like her! offense Annabeth.

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