Chapter 31

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I continued to create this weird substance that stopped the zombies from attacking us. "Damn!" I shouted. I suddenly realised that I didn't write any of the things that I put in the substance on a piece of paper to remember for the next time! I through the things I had in my hands on the floor. "For god sake!" I shouted. "Everything okay?" Tom asked through the window. "Tom?" I asked whilst hiding the window where Laura's zombies roamed around. "I just wanted to have a walk and I heard shouting in here. "You should get back in, its not safe out here. I was just looking for the bullet I dropped." I said. "But you use a sword?" He suspiciously asked. "I mean Megan's bullet. You know, when we found Sinead leg." I replied. "Okay then..." Tom walked off and left me to try to figure this drug out.

(Toms POV)

"That was so strange. Hey look there's a shop right opposite us that has toys in. Maybe I can get something for Lauren." I walked into the shop, checked around to see if there were any of those things. "Hello?" I called. Nothing was there. Spark! A loose wire from the TV was sparking. "Cool! This turbine generates electricity. Spark! The electric sparked onto the paper from the kids toy shop. "Fire!" I shouted "Fire! Help!" I called. The flames surrounded me.

(Sara's POV)

"Where's your dad gone?" I asked. "He said he was going for a walk, I don't know where though." Lauren replied. I looked out the window at some white smoke coming from the shop across the road. I saw somebody inside. "Tom? Tom! Tom!" I screamed. "Somebody help him!" I yelled. Francesca ran up the stairs and asked me what was wrong. I pointed out of the half boarded up window at tom burning to death. she sat next to me and comforted me. "It's going to be fine!" She said. The zombies started walking into the fire because of the smell and sound. "Its going to be fine!" Francesca reassured me.

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