All Hands and Goodbyes

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Here We Go Again

Chapter 18: All Hands and Goodbyes

POV: Liam

In remembrance to one of this decade's worst tragedies, the Auror Department of the Ministry of Magic has decided to continue to honor the lost lives by...

Why do I read this?

The released statement can be traced back to the previous Minister of Magic Kingsley Shacklebolt, who's since resigned from his position and left Spinard Emilio De la Cruz as his successor...

Does it do me any good? Of course not. But I can't help it. It's like picking at a scab.

As Head of the department, Mister Potter released a statement of his own shortly after assuring the people of our British society that we were under no threat. Auror Potter and his second in command, Mister Ronald B. Weasley, went on to praise the evolution the department had made under their watch. With this, the people we're eased that two of the greatest war heroes were going to protect them and their children. A month after, the people of the Wizarding World were greatly mistaken...

I know it's going to hurt, I know it's going to reopen, but I can't help it. The scab has to be scratched. How can it not?

This fatality took many lives over these artifacts laced with dark magic, magic capable of destroying our Ministry and reeking havoc once more throughout our peaceful nation...

It's personal. It's my heart, my blood—my everything. I'm willing to hurt again for it.

Adding to the list of our dead from these attacks on members of ancient pureblood families are: Terry Boot, former Ministry Official; Maria Flint, matriarch of the Flint family; Marcus Flint, CEO of Flint Fractions; Alec Greengrass, founder of Greengrass and Harper Firm...

I'm willing to hurt for him, for my father. I'm willing to open the rubbish newspaper that the Daily Prophet is just to reassure myself that I'm still not having a long dream. How could I be? If the date printed on the cover of the newspaper was anything to go by, I knew that it was impossible to sleep for an entire year.

Sometimes, when I remember that he's gone, I really wish I wouldn't wake up. He only comes to me in dreams and dreams are the only place it doesn't hurt to see his face. Pictures don't give his loving essence justice.

"—Lovely day, isn't it?"

Winter was not even close to finishing, but the wind that was blowing through the trees and the grounds of Hogwarts was very calm. It was strange, considering the massive storms that had been going on for the past few days, but somehow it felt right. And even the light thud that came from my left side seemed right; bare legs crossing themselves in that place.

I stared for a moment, the way those crossed legs sunk the blades of grass, and then I blinked away to the mountains over the horizon. They were beautiful, true and worthy of being a part of the Hogwarts landscape.

"Yeah, quite lovely," I mumbled in agreement. Somehow, it wasn't though.

"Are you okay, Liam?"

I turned as a wave of wind wrapped around us, making the black hair of the girl sitting beside me flying around her with freedom. It sent the smell of mangos in the air. "I'm brilliant," I told her.

The girl giggled to herself for a moment, attempting to push her swaying her back to her sides and out of the open space between us. "You were sulking during Herbology," she turned to me now, "and I was curious. Well, curious and worried. You're not one to sulk."

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