"Touch me again and I'll fucking end you Lorenzo,"

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After both killing the last four enemies in the room I turned to Lorenzo

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After both killing the last four enemies in the room I turned to Lorenzo.

He grabbed me by my throat and pulled me into his hard chest. I placed my knife at his throat and angled the sharp blade to his flesh as he glared down at me.

His breathing was heavy and so was mine. I stared into his dark eyes as he searched mine.

"The next time you plan on hosting a fucking event amore, make sure your security is fucking tight. My mother had to be rushed to the fucking hospital and if she dies Royalty I swear I'll kill you myself in the most painful way" he said as his blood trailed down his neck.

"If I was given a dollar for every time I've heard that, I would be ten thousand times richer than I am today trust me," I said

The door opened and his guards came in.

"Stand down," he said to his guards as they pointed their guns at me.

He released me and I pushed him away. He placed his hand at his neck and wiped the blood that was trailing down his neck away.

"Touch me again and I'll fucking end you Lorenzo," I said before pushing pass him.

"Asshole," I said as I walked out.

I spotted Omar and I walked toward him

"Find out who did this and how the fuck they got in," I said

"Yes Regina," he said and I exit the building.

My family was outside.

"Where the fuck is Royalty and Saige!" dad shouted while looking around.

The fear in his voice and the worried look on their faces made me run towards them.

No matter how much of a badass we are, our parents still worry about us and I don't mind them worrying. It shows how much they love and care about us.

"Daddy, mommy," I said and they turned around.

"Thank god," they both said before running towards me.

They hugged me and I smiled. "Where is your sister?" dad asked

"I'm not sure," I said.

They pulled out their guns ready to go inside but the doors opened. Saige walked out with Dimitri holding her by her waist. He had a gun inside his hand.

All guns were pointed at Dimitri and he released Saige. "Tough crowd huh," he said and Saige stepped in front of him.

"Everyone it's okay," she said

"Saige get away from that boy, for all we know his family is behind this attack," dad said

"Actually we're not, my mother got shot by the enemy and if it was our men wouldn't they be protecting us and not trying to kill us," Dimitri said

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