How it all starts

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A/N: Because people asked for this... P.s. This is the same story as "So close but yet... so far away...." Both are written by me and is just copy paste with changes. Still hope you guys like it and please enjoy!

Izuku's POV unless said otherwise!

I woke up in the infirmary room of the school. The reason I was here was simple. It was because of goddamn Bakugo. He pushed me into one of Kurogiri's portals while we were at training camp.  THAT GODDAMN FREAKING IDIOT!

However something wasn't right here. When I woke up, I woke in this huge room which didn't looked like a hospital or UA at all. this was more than weird.

Where the heck am I?

Is this a prank?

What's up with this setting?

Lunaris: HARRY!

Solace: You are a great wizard, don't try to kill yourself again!

As I was laying there starring at the ceiling, I saw two creatures floating above my head. They looked close to a cobra but they had both horns and sharp teeth as well as claws and arms. One was light blue and remembered me of a clear moon in a quiet and peacful night sky which was why I named this one Lunaris. I had o disdtinguish them in a way after all. Every time this creature came close I could feel the coldness coming from it, however I didn't mind it as I already got used to it Shoto's coldness.

The other one was a yellow, purple one which radiated warmth. It remembered me of the sun as it was bright and the very opposite of Lunaris. This was why I called the other one Solace.

Me: Who are you?

Before I realised what I did, I started talking out loud with them. It was weird since they didn't seem real to me at all. Oh I knew it was just a matter of time till I would lose it completly. There was a time I was so close on getting insane because I felt lonely and started to hear voices and now I could see these things?! OH hell no!

And now it looked like this would start again as I could hear some whispering.

Iida (whispering): Was it really the right way?

Uraraka (whispering): Iida, he needs help!

Iida (whispering): .... I am just worried.

Uraraka: Pssst! He just woke up! We should be happy about him not sustaining any worse injuries Iida.

Iida: I know.

Uraraka: Anyways glad you awake Izuku.

Me: Likewise.

What is going on?

Why are they dressed like this?

What in the world is happening?

They pranking me or something?

As I was starting to think of this as a huge joke, Iida and Uraraka gave way to the medic of UA and they checked me up before going out of the room with these two.  It was RG but also not since she didn't had her cane at all. Now I was more and more confused on what the hell was going on. That wasn't right. It really didn't seem right to me that they all left me alone in this infirmary without saying a word at all.

Me: What the fuck is going on?

Lunaris: Izu? 

Me: Who the heck ate you two?

Solace: Your gardians. 

Me: A quirk?

Solace: What's a quirk?

Lunaris: Don't talk nonesense! We've been with you since you were small.

Me: What are you talking about and where am I?

As short as they got out, the three of them came back again. However this time Aizawa came in as well. This was kinda weird and for some reason it gave me chills. I was also starting to panic seeing as I didn't know what was going on at all.

Me: Aizawa-sensei?

RG: Okay, I am pretty sure you are confused why he is here.

Me: Mhm but can someone tell me where the heck I am?

RG: I was informed by your friends about your talks and they are conserend about you health so they talked to me and you are currently in the infirmary of Hogwarts.

I looked at them and I could see Iida hiding behind Uraraka. It really didn't make any sense until it clicked in my mind. 


This is some alternative world kinda shit!

Damn it!

How am I supposed to get back to UA now?

Lunaris: Wait alternative?

Solace: What you mean?

But I have a bad feeling about this!

Why am I even here...

Why do they look like my colleagues..

Oh jesus when I get back ama smack some sense into that Dandelion.

RG: After checking you up once again for any brain damages, I concluded that this must be a mental condition and this is also why Prof. Aizawa is here. He will be with you from now on.

Prof. Aizawa?


I never heard anyone calling him like that and why me?

Me: Why?

RG: Unfortunatelly, we had a lot incidence in the past where kids started to talk to themselves before committing. This is only some preventures measurements.

Ohhh how very helpfull to send me to the one professor who hates me!

Oh how great!

Where is your brain?!

I told you I am fine!

Besides look at how he is glaring at me.

I am sure he hates this izuku of their world....

How did we even end up switching places?!

Now is not the time to think about this!

Lunaris: Commiting?

Solace: They mean suicide.

Lunaris: Our Izuku would never do that.

Solace: Not as if he could with us around anyways.

I get it now stop.

Both of you!

I have to think of a solution!

Lunaris: Yeah.. we will always protect him.

Solace: That we do.

Stop guys, I get it.

Lunaris: No matter what happened. Even if another wizard attacks him, I will step inbetween.



Solace: While I deal with the wizard.

Lunaris: Deal.

Me: I get it, so stop now.

The moment I spoke out I immediately shut my mouth and had a hand over it. My eyes wide open since I just realised what I did and that also in front of the teacher, my friends and the medic. That was bound to be bad especially if they never showed a sign of seeing these things at all.

Everyone looked at me while my two protectors were right around my bed and ready to attack if they did something wrong. I could tell that much from the change of temperature in the room. One side was freezing cold while the other started to heat up extremly.

Oh boy...

What have I done...

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