Chapter 1~

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A cold chilling wind blew through Faron Woods, rustling the leaves in a gentle manner before making them leave the ground. (Y/N) shivered, before pulling her warm fuzzy blanket closer around her shoulders. Even though the sun was high in the sky and shined down with its warm light, the wind was icy cold, enough to make one shake. (Y/N) let out an irritated groan, as she mumbled to herself. "Why does it have to be so cold?" Her eyes narrowed up at the sky, as the sun's light struck her eyes. "The sun's out and everything... Doesn't make any sense."

(Y/N) continued her journey forward, practically dragging her tired feet across the ground. Her face lit up when she spotted an old temple, that she was oh so familiar with. An unknown source of energy seemed to flow through her veins, as (Y/N) proceeded to run across the sealed grounds, a smile roaming her features.

(Y/N) slowly but surely opened the old but large temple doors, a rumbling sound echoing through the temple as she did. "Impa?" (Y/N) called out, her voice ringing throughout the surprisingly warm, stone rooms. Impa was the name of the old woman who lived in the temple. 

Impa had found (Y/N) when she was just a kid, she took her in, gave her a home, food, and most importantly, a family. Impa had found the poor girl drenched in water, shivering from the cold. (Y/N) had been badly hurt and absolutely exhausted, unable to move as much as a single muscle. It seemed like the poor girl had been hurt from a terrible fall, but one could not help but wonder... Where had she fallen from?

(Y/N) quickly learned how to live and survive in the forest, while meanwhile growing into a beautiful woman. (Y/N) was a kind soul, and often helped out, wherever help was needed. That often resulted in (Y/N) doing "chores," mostly for Impa. This, more or less, consisted of her gathering herbs, sometimes even in the more dangerous parts of Faron Woods, and fighting monsters. 

(Y/N) also tended to help the other residents of the enormous forest, like the Kikwis. Adorable little creatures. Honestly, (Y/N) didn't remember much from her childhood, most of it was a blur, really. But one of the things that (Y/N) did remember, was how she had first met the Kikwi elder, Bucha. She had been out adventuring in the woods when she had suddenly gotten lost. Bucha had found (Y/N), lost and scared out of her mind. The Kikwi elder had then proceeded to take (Y/N) to safety and declared that it was time for her to learn how to protect herself.

And so, Bucha had made (Y/N) a nice slingshot. It wasn't much, and only slightly deadly if used right. But mostly, (Y/N) would use the slingshot to stun enemies for enough time for her to run away to safety.

Another thing (Y/N) remembered from her childhood, was the stories that Impa had told her, and still did to this day. It was stories of both villains and heroes, and of course, the goddess and her chosen hero. That story was probably (Y/N)'s favorite, and she believed, that someday, the chosen hero would come, and rid the lands of the evil that dwelled in the shadows.

While listening to Impa's stories, (Y/N) also became more interested in weapons. She wanted to be a hero as well, and protect the ones she holds dear. So Impa decided to finally teach (Y/N) how to properly handle herself, by making (Y/N) a beautiful wooden bow, with a matching quiver and arrows. Sadly, (Y/N) didn't have a sword like the heroes in Impa's tales, but she had been lucky enough to find a beautiful black iron knife in the middle of the deep woods. The knife held a red rupee in the center, and it was honestly beautiful. Not to mention how dangerously sharp it was!

(Y/N) had found it close to the old forest temple known as Skyview Temple, which Impa had strictly forbidden her to enter, unless absolutely necessary. Honestly, not one day would pass by without (Y/N) wondering where the strange knife originated from. But if she ever found the owner, (Y/N) surely wasn't gonna be happy about giving the knife back. She had learned how to use it, all by herself. Oh, and with the help of a couple of training dummies and targets, that were very used and beaten by now.

(Y/N) practiced with her weapons every day. She wanted to be ready if evil suddenly came to claim the rights to rule her home. And she knew of The Imprisoned, who was sealed away under the sealed grounds. And (Y/N) knew how only the chosen hero could defeat the beast, which honestly scared her senseless. What if he failed? Then what were she and her loved ones supposed to do then?

No, (Y/N) would have none of that! The hero would come, and he would fulfill his destiny, that was for certain.

(Y/N) slowly entered the old temple, her (E/C) eyes scanned the space, as she searched for the old, but extremely wise woman. "Ah, there you are, my sweet child," Impa's voice was gentle, and a smile rested on her mouth as she spoke. (Y/N) quickly turned to the old woman, returning her smile as she proceeded to approach the woman, who was peacefully sitting on the stone floor. 

(Y/N) sat down in front of the old woman, placing her blanket beside her, before removing a small leather bag from her belt. "I got all the herbs you requested, even though your list wasn't that long this time." (Y/N) flashed Impa a happy grin, as she handed the old woman the bag. "Thank you, dear," Impa carefully took the bag from (Y/N)'s extended hand, and placed it beside her on the floor. 

"Dear, I'm afraid I have important matters to discuss with you," This sentence immediately caught (Y/N)'s attention, and a worried look flashed across her facial features. "Is something the matter, Impa?" The old woman nodded her head, almost as in defeat. "I feel an immense evil from within the deep woods, it dwells there, as if it's waiting for something. So I ask of you that you will be extra careful when venturing into the forest, I don't want to see you hurt, or worse" (Y/N) nodded, as she slowly but surely processed Impa's wise words, she could feel fear crawling through her veins like a virus, it felt like a flood of knives was running along her blood veins, it hurt, and (Y/N) couldn't remember when she had last been this... Afraid.

"Do you want me to stay here with you? I can protect you and the temple if needed." (Y/N) questioned, worry coating her words. "Or should I go see to the Kikwis?" (Y/N) couldn't help but panic, what were they gonna do? There was no chosen hero around to protect them!

"(Y/N), my dear. You've grown up to be an excellent fighter and a beautiful woman. I ask that you do what you can to protect the ones who cannot protect themselves, and the ones you hold dear. But most importantly, I ask you to protect yourself." Tears almost threatened to escape the young woman's eyes as she listened to Impa's beautiful words. The old woman had even gotten emotional herself, and a sad smile was present on her face. "Please don't cry dear. I know that you are more than capable of protecting. And remember, you won't be facing this challenge alone." Impa's smile went from ad to proud in a matter of seconds, as she gently caressed (Y/N)'s tear-stained cheek. (Y/N) happily grinned in return, as she let out an embarrassed laugh. "Thank you for believing in me."


(Y/N) panted heavily as the last body fell to the ground with a bump. She held her knife in one hand, and an arrow in the other. Arrows could be surprisingly good weapons on their own when used right, and oh boy, did (Y/N) know how to use them right.

She quickly wiped the sweat from off her forehead before turning to her friend. "Are you okay?" (Y/N) called out to the small Kikwi by the name of Machi, who had been attacked by a small group of vicious beasts. 

Machi jumped around excitedly, before thanking his savior. "Kwee! Thanks for the help (Y/N)!" Machi squealed before running back into the forest. (Y/N) offered a sweet smile and a nod in return, as to say 'No problem.' She sheathed her knife before continuing along the forest road. She still had a few residents to check up on before she could return to the temple.

(Y/N) hurried along the road, humming a peaceful melody as she ran. Unknown to the poor girl, she was being stalked by a certain Demon Lord who was standing tall on one of the many large branches that filled Faron Woods. His muscular form was hidden by the massive leaves, and a smirk was dominating his handsome features while his eyes glistened with a dangerous spark.  

"So that's where my knife went~"

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