6) First Date From Hell

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Getting out the shower, I dried my body before washing my face and brushing my teeth.

Throwing on some sweats and a sports bra, I put my hair in a bun and went into my room.

I sat on my bed, watching Kelly and JoJo as they threw stuff around in my closet. It was finally Friday, and I still didn't know what to wear.

"Jehari, you had the whole week off. How in the hell you didn't find anything to wear? You had plenty of time to go to the mall and all of that!" JoJo scolded me.

"Um, how about I've been rehearsing for my auditions." I said in a 'duh' tone.

"Bitch, you still could've found something to wear for your first date with the Romeo Montana!" He whined.

"JoJo, leave my boo alone." Kelly input.

"No, cause she knew about this date since Saturday! Uh uh." He shook his head.

"Well, I knew about this audition since six months ago!" I countered.

"I got it!" Kelly shouted.

She came out of my room with a black bodycon dress, wheat Timbs, and a camouflage jacket.

"Since you don't really have heels, these Timmy's will have to do." She sat the clothes on the bed.

"Thanks Kells. I owe you."

"Gimmie four godchildren and make me maid of honor, that's how you repay me."

I laughed at how serious she was. I went into the bathroom and got dressed. The dress hugged my body and stopped mid thigh, covering some of my old scars.

I rolled the sleeves of the jacket up to my elbows before slipping on some black ankle socks and my boots.

Once I was dressed, I went back to my room where Kelly curled my hair.

"No makeup for this one. But here."

JoJo grabbed my Mint Eos and handed it to me. I put some on and threw it in my black Michael Kors bag.

There was a knock on my door, making my nerves go into overdrive. Kelly went to answer as I sighed and stood up. Spraying on some Heat by Beyonce, I stared in the mirror.

"Girl, you nervous?" JoJo asked, fixing my hair.

"Yes. This is my first date." I said in a shaky voice.

"Calm down. You look good and smell even better. Now go, ya man waiting." He slightly pushed me.

I laughed a little before going to the living room. And there he was, talking to Kelly. More like listened as she gave him rules.

I decided to speak up and save him as she scolded like she was my mother.


It was finally Friday. I took a shower and got dressed in black True's, an camouflage print button down, and wheat Timbs. I rolled my sleeves up to my elbow and put on a gold Rolex. After spraying on some Polo Red, I headed out.

I knocked on Jehari's front door after taking a deep breath. I was nervous as fuck, but I shook it off.

Seconds later, her friend opened the door.

"Hello young man. Come in." I chuckled and stepped inside.

"Yo, you that fashion designer. Kelly T. right?" I asked, finally recognizing her.

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