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Sagittarius couldn't believe his eyes when he saw Taurus and Jason laying on the floor with a pool of blood surrounding them.

And now he was sitting in a chair staring up at the ceiling two days later with his head swarming with thoughts. Aries sat beside him and wouldn't speak, shock had overcome Aries and Sagittarius felt an absence in their presence, it seemed as though Aries had left them as well. Cancer cried all the time trying to drown in her worries, she and Taurus had been very close after all and Libra would be seen wandering the ship as though she was searching for someone. She and Jason had begun to get very close and now he was gone along with Taurus.

Some of the zodiacs had to keep going no matter what had happened, Scorpio was still flying the ship and going to different galaxies to gain more alliances along with a few other zodiacs. They had so far gained four new alliances but their army was nothing compared to the queen's.

" Aries, you ok?" Asked Sagittarius glancing over at the boy he loved, the boy he wished would speak.

Aries shook his head and continued to stare off into space, Sagittarius sighed and left Aries to his thoughts, he walked down the halls trying to keep the memories of Taurus and Jason out of his head, he really didn't feel like breaking down right now.

Then he caught a glimpse of his reflection, he had seen it before, the stitches that made him look like Frankenstein, however Sagittarius was used to it now, the first time he had seen it he had panicked and ran to Aries who had explained what had happened.

Sagittarius still could hardly look at himself anymore but no one seemed to care that he looked like this, sometimes he even forgot about the stitches. Even the pain sometimes was forgotten.

" Sag!" Called Scorpio's voice, Sagittarius trudged over to the captains cabin where Scorpio normally was. Sagittarius sneaked a glance outside and saw the pouring rain, but this rain was different, it wasn't water but brown sludge which was disgusting but yeah. They sailed over a sea so dark that it seemed to be filled with poison.

" Yes?" Asked Sagittarius in a monotone voice entering the room and seeing Scorpio, Aquarius, Virgo, and Leo.

" Great, just the person we need, you have to go next with these three to the next galaxy," said Scorpio. Sagittarius nodded but no one spoke, a heavy silence hung above us making everything worse. We were broken again and this time nothing could fix it.

Scorpio sighed, " I know this is hard on all of us but you guys have to-

" Have to what? Forget about her? Move on? In case your dumbass hasn't realized, Taurus is dead!" Shouted Aquarius stomping out of the room with tears in her eyes. Scorpio looked angry but knew that now was not the time to say anything, Sagittarius followed after Aquarius and stopped when he saw her sitting on the floor with her head in her arms as she cried.

" Aqua?-

" Please just go!" She pleaded and Sagittarius turned but then the whole ship shook violently causing Sagittarius to fall down.

" What the hell was that!?" Shouted Libra rushing down the hall, Sagittarius grabbed Aquarius and Libra's hand and the three rushed back towards the front of the ship just as the ship rocked again.

" Scorpio what was that!" Shouted Leo holding onto the nearest thing which just happened to be the handle to a door. The ship shook so violently that the door Leo had been holding onto flung open with the wind and Leo was screaming while trying to hold onto the door handle with one hand as the rest of him dangled out of the ship. He was going to fall...

" LEO! Hold on!" Shouted Virgo who was trying to grab Leo's hand but the ship shook again and suddenly Virgo flew out of the ship screaming for help but it was too late, he was already gone and falling down.

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