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Pen Your Pride

✩ Rescue You ; Part 2 ✩

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Heyy ! Ya'll seen Mindless Behavior doing to Harlem Shake ?! 

OMGGG ! They are too cutee ! Ughhhh , I need them LOL

Well . . . . Enjoy #teamMindless ! ~Aimee


You . . .

I saw Anger in his eyes. He looks very cute when he's angry. I don't Know whether to be scared or turned on. Focus Yn , This Situation is serious. He looks at me dead in the eyes. " Why does he abuses you ? ". He says lowly , still looking at me dead in the eyes. I shrug , " I really Don't know Why Jacob. When He gets angry , He beats me and trys to kill me. I almost died not long ago ". He shot up , his fist balls up. I looked at him in the eyes , I saw the devil. " How ? ". He says , still angry. His Eyes were a bit red. " He drowned me because I threw my heels at him and his stupid hoes. He was having sex with them and we were still together. So I threw the heels and he said , ' You're finna gonna get it '. By that he means Kill me ". I started to feel the tears. " And Today , he raped me ".  His eyes widens , " Woah , Watch When I find that Fuc-- ".

" No Jacob ! Don't , his dangerous and he will kill both of us. Me for telling and you for trying to get in his way ". I cried , grabbing his hand. " So ? He can kill me , I don't really give a fuck. As long as you're safe ". He says , swating down. He lifts up my chin. " I would die for you , Im going to rescue you ". He kisses my cheek. He pulls me into a bear hug. " You're safe with me ". He whispers into my neck. I still get chills. " Thank you ". I whispered into his chest. 

We got up and walked out the room. Ray Ray walks towards us. " Everything Good ? ". He asks concerned. I smiled and nodded. " Alright Guys , I hope my Room doesn't smell like sex ". He chuckles and walks into the room. I started to laugh. Jacob Shook his head. " See what I got to deal with ? ". He laughs , but then stops as soon as a girl starts walking towards us. " Who's she ? ". I whispered. He turned angry , " My ex Girlfriend ". He says , looking at her with evil creepy eyes. She wipes a tear from her eyes as she approachs us. " Princeton ... Baby , Im sorry ". She weeps. Jacob just shook his head , " Nasty ass Hoe , Come YN ! ". He says , yelling my name. We started walking passed her , I look back and saw her jaw wide open. 

We left his car in the parking lot. We got in my car. " Take me to see this Manger of yours ". Jacob says , turning the radio on. " Um , I don't know Jacob. What if he gets ma-- ". He cuts me off. " I don't care , Just say that Im your brother from another father ". He says. i sighed and started to drive. " Uhh man , You don't know what you're getting yourself into ". He shrugs , " I don't care , I just want you to be safe ". 

Tyler . . . ( Didn't see that comin' ! ) 

I was sitting down on my couch , but then I hear the door opening , then closing. " Tyler ! ". I heard Yn say. I sighed and got off the couch. I walked up to the entrance. I stop as soon as I see Yn and This boy. This Niggah Looks like one of them little members of Mindless Behavior. " Are You Cheating On me ? ". I ask . I was about to attack her but this boy steps in front of her. " What ? You gonna Touch my sister ? ". He says , crossing his arms. " Sister ? ". I ask , suprised. He nods , " Yep Thats my baby Sister. Now Answer My Question , Are You going to touch my Sister  ? ". Damn ! Fuck is his problem. Lil Dude a little bit angry today. He on his Period ?? " Nah , I don't touch Women like that man ". I lied. He smirks , " ii , I don't wanna have to beat a nigga ass , Now Yn. Where do I Sleep ? ". Sleep ? Is This Niggah Serious ? Oh Hell Nawww ! . " Um , Follow me Jay ". She says grabbing his hand and pulling him upstairs. 

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