Authors Note fun facts

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Hey guys! Sorry I haven't been updating as usually as I used to, this year has been hectic!! So I thought I'd give you some facts about how I've written some of my chapters and how I was inspired to put the words I chose in my story! :) hope you enjoy!

- Did you know that the chapter "Micro Cuts" is the name of one of my favourite muse songs?

- Did you know that Tom was based of a teacher from my college who did actually train people for the army!

" Did you know that the chapter "Arrival Of The Chernabog" is actually inspired by the demon in the last part of fantasia?

- Did you know that in the chapter "Arrival of the Chernabog" Jess's speech at the end of the chapter was used taken from Cato's monologue in the hunger games? I liked it so much that I decided to use it and put my own spin on it.

- Did you know Jess was based of my best friend? And I chose her job to be science because it was my favorite subject when I was at school?

Thanks guys! I hope you enjoyed this! Love you all! oxoxoxox

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