3: The Kissing Booth

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Chapter 3

Sunlight was trying to filter through the drapes, but it was weak early morning sunshine, so the whole room was still quite dark, but the glow from the drapes made the room have a dark blue tone to everything. I closed my eyes again, trying to snuggle my head down into the soft squishy pillow under my head. I curled into a tighter ball under a heavy, feather-soft comforter.

     I was so nice and cozy and warm. And everything smelt... it was something between citrus and woodsy. Whatever it was, it was a really great smell. And I swear I've smelt it somewhere before, on someone...

     I gasped suddenly, sitting bolt upright.

     That smell was not one in my bedroom. And my bed was not this comfortable. Neither did my room have blue drapes.

     So... where the hell was I?

     I looked around. Everything looked a little familiar... But I definitely hadn't been here before. I threw the covers off and saw I was in a boy's shirt that was too big on me, just a plain grey shirt. It smelt just like the pillows on the bed.

     I still had all my underwear on though – that was a good sign.

     I climbed out of the bed carefully. What the hell had happened last night? I strained my memory, but I came up short. I vaguely recalled dancing on the pool table. I think I had done, at any rate. Had I really had that much to drink?

     There was a disgusting taste in my mouth to match the roaring headache I had.

     I must have thrown up. I think I remembered someone holding my hair back for me. It must've been Lee; he would've taken care of me and missed the party.

     But where was I?

     I can't have left with anybody. Lee wouldn't have let me do that. Not to mention a fair few other people would've had the sense to stop me...

     At least I hoped they would've. That didn't help explain where I was.

     I tiptoed over to the door of the bedroom and poked my head out. I practically cried in relief to see I was in Lee and Noah's house. It must be Noah's room I crashed in, since I've never been in his room all these years.

     So... why was I in Noah's room? Why not one of the guest rooms? Or Lee's?

     I went to lie back on the bed, my head pounding so hard I didn't think I could stay on my feet much longer. I looked at the alarm clock.

     It was only half eight in the morning. In the hopes of sleeping off my hangover, I snuggled back under the covers, breathing in Noah's smell.

     Just as I was about to drift into unconsciousness again, the door opened slowly, making the hinges creak quietly.

     My eyes flashed back open immediately, and my eyes met Noah's. He was standing in the doorway wearing nothing but a towel around his hips, hung right down low, and his chest and abs were still streaked with droplets of water. His black hair was dripping softly onto the carpet and onto his shoulders and cheeks.

     I couldn't help it when my eyebrows went up.

     Six-pack. Who'd have thought it?

     I couldn't help but blush at how he made my heart race just by looking at me.

     "Sorry," he said quietly. "I didn't mean to wake you up."

     "It's okay," I said, my voice a little croaky from sleep still. I cleared my throat, but even that noise hurt my head. "I just woke up anyway."

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