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Kalolaine's POV
While we were playing we saw Jennifer running everyone had a confused look their faces. After, 2 minutes I decided to check outside "hey, we're you goin" Nash asks concerned " to find Jennifer" I said before he could say anything else I ran as fast as I can. As soon as I got outside I didn't see her, I kept on thinking where she could be then I realized she went to the woods because she calms down in the woods. I ran to the woods and kept on looking for her, for like 20 minutes and I finally found her sobbing her eyes out, like literally her eyes were about to fall out." Hey, what happen with you and Jai" I asked worried " OH GOD, DONT EVEN SAY HIS NAME" she screamed while crying. "Ok, calm down" I said while rubbing her back and trying my best to cheer her up and comfort her.

Nash's POV
I was really concerned where Kalolaine could be what if she gets hurt, kidnapped, or even lost. While everyone was talking I gave up on thinking and called her.

- ring, ring, ring,-

"Hello" she says "hi Kalolaine, it's me Nash" I say "oh,hi" she says while sighing "what happen" I ask in a worried tone "I'm with Jennifer anyways my phone is like 10% I gtg bye" then she hung up. I was kinda relived she is safe.

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