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I am NOT romanticizing abuse in this story. Before you go judging the story, read all the way through. The worst is in the beginning but it gets better.
There are some sensitive subjects so beware. All things happen for a reason in this book.

I changed the age of my main character so if you see comments that say different then just ignore them. I actually edited a lot of things so some of the comments might not make sense.

I will continue to say this...



I couldn't believe it. No, I didn't want to believe it. Future Alpha Landyn Westman was my mate. I wanted a mate, but I didn't want someone so possessive and controlling, especially an alpha.

My pack, The Grey Shadow Pack, was big and not known for our kindness. Alpha Vince Westman, Landyns father, was a great leader but cold and some called him a monster. Everyone always says Landyn is exactly like his father and is going to make a great leader but I couldn't be more scared.
Men were dominant in the Lycan world, meaning if women did not submit to their mate at first site then they were forced. Now in this world, women weren't able to shift, only the men could to that. Unfair? Yeah, but we were always told that our bodies wouldn't be able to handle the shift.

Being forced to submit to your mate was a painful and a non pleasurable experience. Don't get me wrong Lycan's are very passionate lovers and protective of their mate but every female knew punishment in their dictionary was never pleasurable. Lycan males were only able to find their mate on their 18th birthday.
Landyn was a whole other story though. The moment he saw me I ran as hard and fast as I could. Being 17 I was scared out of my mind, I mean he was as scary as his father and it terrified me because I knew what Alpha  Vince was capable of.

Luna Caroline, Landyn's mother, was like a mother to the whole pack. She was caring, sweet, and beautiful as can be. Luna was born a Lycan but somehow ended up being deaf. It was really rare but she knew how to read lips and her speech was understandable and getting better with help from speech therapy.

However, it always pissed Alpha Vince off when she couldn't pronounce some words right. I remember one time when me and my family attended a gathering for all packs -before Landyn turned 18- and Luna Caroline had to present a speech. As she was saying thank you, she said 'tank you', which caused Alpha Vince to get up from his seat and drag her off the podium by her hair. I remember seeing her the next day with half her face swollen, and a small limp to her walk. She never stopped smiling though because she was a caring Luna and Alpha Vince didn't deserve her.
Landyn was an only child, the same as me. But my parents were ordinary Lycans, as for Landyns being powerful.
As much as I loved Luna Caroline, I didn't want to end up like her and being Landyns mate, I had a feeling that I wouldn't have a choice.

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