Shy (SFW)

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You sat on his lap with your legs on either side of him.

Your hands were on his shoulder and his arms were wrapped around your waist.

Both of you had just consented into kissing each other. (mm consent is smexy)

He leans into you and you lean into him with your lips brushing slightly.

Your heart is pounding in your chest.

Your first kiss shared with the person you love the most.

He finally kisses you sweetly and passionately.

After a short but amazing kiss, you let out a sigh, burying your face into his neck, wrapping your arms around him while breathing heavily.

He worriedly rubbed your back. "Hey sweety you okay? Are you out of breath? I'm sorry, I shouldve pulled away sooner.." He asked.

"N- nothing hehe.. I just like you so much." You answered, nervously chuckling while burying your face into his neck even more.

He laughed at your cuteness and covered you with kisses.

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