The Cafe Guy (SFW)

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You were at a cafe with your boyfriend.

He was at the bathroom and you were mindlessly scrolling through your phone when a guy suddenly approached you and started making small talk with you.

You just kept nodding or shaking your head to yes or no questions and reply very softly and quietly when you have to actually answer.

Apparently, to this guy, you were the most adorable human being in the entire world and so he asked to take a picture wth you.

You shyly nodded and accepted since you thought that there was no harm in taking a picture with someone.

You posed by just pursing ur lips while looking everywhere but the camera.

The guy couldn't contain himself and so he pinched both of your cheeks and said how dangerously cute you are which made you turn like the ripest tomato on earth.

Unfortunately for the guy, your boyfriend appeared and snatched your wrist, dragging you outside the cafe.

Once both of you were in some sort of alley, you just looked down and remained silent since you assumed that you were in trouble.

To your surprise, he held both of your wrists above your head, pinning you to the wall, lips almost touching.

"Ugh why do you have to be so cute. Everyone just wants to steal you and bring you home because of how freaking adorable you are. Can you like.. stop being cute? Its bad for my health ya know. Simply staring at that precious face of yours makes me feel like I'm gonna die of cuteness overload ya know. I just want to smother your face with kisses until you can't take it anymore. I wanna hug you really tight until your eyes pop out" He rambled.

You burst out laughing at his rant and hugged him, promising that you will only be cute for him.

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