Chapter 7

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When we reached the house, it was almost dark.

‘’I don’t want you to go.’’ I said, refusing to let go of Kol’s hand.

‘’Then, I’ll stay.’’ He nodded, as I opened the door, getting in and waiting for him to get inside.

But he just stood there.

‘’Why aren’t you coming in?’’ I raised a brow.

‘’Because you have to invite me in.’’ he shrugged laughing.

‘’Oh. Please c-‘’ he stopped me.

‘’But if you invite me in, I’ll be able to get in whenever I want. Even when you’re sleeping. Or when you’re naked.’’ He grinned, bitting his lips.

‘’Just please come in.’’ I sighed, as I saw him getting in, closing the door behind him.

I lead him up in my room, seeing  Jeremy sleeping.

‘’Shh..’’ I grabbed his hand and took him in my room. ‘’He didn’t sleep yesterday..’’ I sighed.

Kol nodded, and closed the door of my room. I slowly looked outside the window, looking at the road. I felt two strong arms wrapped around my waist, and Kol’s head on my shoulder.

‘’What are you thinking?’’ he said, not letting go.

‘’Why did you choose me, Kol?You could have anyone you wanted. Any supermodel you wanted.  You’re smart, beautiful..just perfect.I’m just a human.’’

He took hold of my hands, turning me round for once again.

‘’You’re the only person on this Earth who makes me a better person. I can’t be mean with you. You’ve gotten into me. You know what I am. You saw the monster I am. But yet, you accepted me. Just the way I am. You believed in me. You trusted me. When Elena and Damon told you not to. ‘’ he replied, his eyes glued to mine.

‘’I know I don’t fit in that much. I know. I may not look like much. I don’t seem like very much. But I’m yours, Kol.  You touched my soul. And no matter what happens, I’m yours. ‘’

Kol didn’t say anything. He blinked at my words, as slowly leaned in and kissed me once again.

I gave my everything in this kiss, he lifted me up and wrapped my legs around his waist, as the kiss became more intense.

But suddenly, we heard the door opening. And it was exactly the ones I didn’t want to see. Elena and Damon.

‘’I Can’t believe you. YOU INVITED HIM IN!Did he even tell you what he can do now?’’ Elena shouted at me.

I took a step forward. My eyes full of anger.

‘’That’s my decision. Not yours.’’ I growled.

‘’But that’s my house. Not yours.’’ She shouted once again.

‘’Then, I’ll find my house and move in. If it annoys you that fucking much.’’

Elena got out of control once again. But this time she grabbed me by the throat.

Suddenly, Kol  grabbed her and pulled her away.

‘’DO NOT DARE TO TOUCH HER.’’ He said, and looked inside her eyes, his eyes were dark, full of anger.

Damon ran and staked Kol’s back.

‘’N-NO.’’ I said and reached and pushed Damon least I tried..

‘’Leave him alone.’’ I said, as the tears came down my face.