Sleep In II: Eddie Munson

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Request: my phones been glitchy and finally let me put in a request for a part 2 of sleep in (yes same person love your work). so fem reader still but this time its Eddie ill because he catches what Y/N had and we feel bad and insist on looking after him and we discover while he's Ill he's even more clingy and wants more kisses and huddle then normal 

It was a few days later when you finally started feeling better enough to go back to school thanks to your mom and Eddie for taking care of you like Eddie hardly left your side the whole time despite your protests of not wanting to get him sick. It was Friday and you were up getting ready when your mom told you that you could just take the day off and just go back to school on Monday which you thanked her for and headed back upstairs to tell Eddie. As you reached your room you heard the sound of someone throwing up making you rush into your bathroom and over to Eddie to hold his hair back. 

"Babbyyyy...I don't feel good." He said looking at you as you handed him so mouthwash to rinse his mouth out. 

"And this is what I told you would happen if you kept clinging to me while I was sick." You said shaking your head him. 

"But babbyyy....." He whined as you helped him up and into your bed making sure he was comfortable. 

"I know bubs, can you tell me what your feeling, so I can figure out what to give you?" You asked him. 

"My head and stomach, my nose feel stuffed, and my right ear hurt." He said as you walked into the bathroom and grabbed him some medicine to take. 

You pour some medicine into a cup for him to take and grabbed some earache drops and walked back into your room and offered him the cup first which he shook his head at making you sigh as he was the literally definition of a child. 

"Will you take this if I promise to give you a kiss afterwards." You offered him as he happily took the medicine and to which he received a kiss. 

"Do you mind if I tie your hair back that way these don't get in it?" You asked him as he nodded his head as you gave him a small ponytail before climbing into bed and telling you to rest his head on your lap. 

"Okay this is gonna feel weird and you won't be able to move for a few minutes, but I promise you to give me three kisses if you make it though this." You said placing a kiss on his forehead as he gave you a thumbs up. 

You poured about four drops in his ear and wipes some of the excess that was dripping out with a cotton ball and set it on the nightstand by your bed. 

This is how it went for the next few days, you would have to bribe him to let you give him medicine or anything which you found cute. He was ten times more clingy than he normally was and hated when you left him and would often come trailing in behind even when he was supposed to be resting. 

"Baby I'm sorry if I'm being annoying, but I do appreciate you taking care of me." Eddie said looking up at you. 

"Aw bubs your not annoying, I enjoy taking care of you like you did for me and I can wait for you to be better so I can properly kiss you." You said giving him a quick kiss. 

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