Chapter 21-My Alphas Mark

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Chapter 21-My Alpha's Mark

Blake's POV

Before Maddie and I even make it to my parents' house, we hear the sound of small footfalls approaching us. I shoot her a small, reassuring smile before glancing behind us, towards the pack house.

"Alpha Blake! Alpha Blake! Is this the our new Luna? Is this your mate? She's pretty! Can I touch her face?" I look over at Maddie as we become crowded by little kids.

They all talk at once, making it hard to understand anything that's being said.

Instead of looking worried or overwhelmed, Madison actually looks happy. She has a smile on her face as she looks down at the kids, pulling at her clothes.

She looks up at me with a grin.

"I love kids! Look at how cute they all are!" She exclaims as she starts getting pulled away from me from some of the kids.

She kneels down, and starts answering as many questions as she can. The kids all fight for her attention, pushing each other and yelling to be heard.

Some of the kids start a game and she decides to join them.

I see the mothers of the children standing off to the side with wide grins. I let out a sigh of relief.

I knew people would like her, I was just nervous that some people would be like my dad, but everyone here seems happy to see her.

I watch as the mothers engage with her and talk to her, and she pays close attention to everything they are saying, and she responds with thoughtful answers. I could honestly just watch her all day. I love how at ease and natural she looks right now.

I don't even know why I was so worried about her, seeing as it's so hard to not love her immediately after meeting her. I'm not just saying that because she's my mate, but I genuinely believe that. My father, however, is a different story.

I know my dad has already passed judgement onto her because she's a human. He hasn't said anything directly, which I'm grateful for because who knows what I would do to him, but I still don't like it.

She's my mate, and I hate that he can't just accept her. I hate that he will put up an appearance just to save face, but behind doors he's completely different. He's very cold towards the people who really know him, like myself.

He's disgusting.

My mom walks up to me and plants a kiss on my cheek.

"She's absolutely wonderful. I'm so happy for you. She will make a fine Luna," my mom says with a proud smile. It means the world to me that Maddie and I have her approval. I know it's going to be a lot different with my dad.

"She is pretty amazing. I'm lucky to have her," I say, more to myself than my mom. My mom gives me another smile before squeezing my shoulder.

"I hope you know that your dad is going to want to talk to her now that she's here. I'm not sure what he wanted to say to you before, but I'm sure he can tell you another time." I groan inwardly and plaster a fake smile on my face.

I love my mom and I do my best to act civil with my dad just because of her. I know that she would be upset if we argued all the time, so I usually just give into what my dad says. He knows this, and will use it to his advantage to get whatever he wants. It annoys me, but there's not much I can do.

"Blake. I would like to see you and your mate in 5 minutes, in my office." I roll my eyes as his voice filters into my mind.

Speak of the devil.....

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