23. Parked

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23. Parked

Harry POV

"He- he- He did a lot of things." She paused. "Beat me, ra-" she stopped mid sentence. She spoke so quietly I wasn't even sure if I heard her. But I knew what she said. I locked the doors when she fiddled with her seat belt to scramble out of the Land Rover.

"Why have you never told me? You told me you were still a virgin!" I shouted enraged. Not that she wouldn't have sex with me, or that she lied about being a virgin, but that she didn't feel comfortable enough to tell me.

"I didn't think rape counted." She shrugged as if it wasn't a big deal.

"So just leaving something that important out of our relationship was okay with you?!" I turned my whole body to hers as she turned hers away.

"I didn't want to talk about it. Just like I don't right now!" She still hasn't looked at me. Out the window or the dashboard but never in my direction. Her actions enraging me further.

"Look at me." I demanded. She whimpered as her hand shot up to her eyes wiping away tears still not making contact with my face. "Look at me!" I shouted loudly her face turned to me as she slipped her bottom lip between her teeth.

"I don't want to talk." She grumbled lowly.

"Rose I need to know." I demanded. She snapped her face to mine at that statement.

"You don't need to know anything! Whatever's happened is done! I'm trying to move on and you're bringing everything back! You're not even my boyfriend! And if you care so much that he 'hurt' me maybe we should be talking about you! Because as much as Jamie did the lowest blow I've ever received was when I found out your sorry ass was cheating on me!" She shouted. I've never heard her voice with so much anger until right now. Her face was red and her eyes were puffy. Her tongue rolled over her lips as she stopped breathing then letting out a heavy sigh. I cannot believe ahe had just said that. My fists clenched tighter and body heat rose significantly with anger for myself. I never knew she felt that way... She bit her lip and looked up. "Let me out. Now."

"Ro-" I tried in a calmer voice.

"I've had enough, let me out now." She spoke sternly holding her grounds.


"Let me out or ill move out." She flung her head back and glared at me. I unlocked the car as she jumped down and stormed off. My hands pounded the wheel continuously and then I pounded the horn. She kept walking throwing her middle finger up as she continued her stride.

I unbuckled myself from my seat and went into the ramp. I followed her but she must've ran because when I got inside the building she was nowhere to be found. Once in the flat i saw her room door wide open and one bag already filled right by the door. I looked at the clothes spewed across her room and looked at her. She was wiping away tears and throwing clothes in bags angrily.

"Rose." I spoke quietly. She spun around and threw the nearest object which was a piece of pottery. I dropped to the floor as it shattered against the wall behind. I stood up turning around and saw the tiny pieces across the corridor. I looked at her weak body nowhere near interested in me. She had her arm on the wall and her head pressed against her arm. Tears falling from her face. I didn't want to say anything or touch her. I stood watching her. Small whimpers escaped her mouth as she turned around. Her eyes just glazed over emotionless as she held my necklace in her hands. The necklace I gave her that was said to protect her, from anything and anybody. Sadly I couldn't protect her from myself. She let the clasp escape the spaces between her fingers. She watched me intensively and then dropped the necklace to the ground. She hasn't broke eye contact and has just stared. I took a step closer seeing her reaction. She didn't move. I continued moving closer and then I reached her body. I pulled her into me. She didn't hold me back, she didn't speak, she didn't move. I felt her chest moving assuring her breathing.

"I'm not superman, but for you I'd do anything." I whispered into the top of her head. I closed my eyes and held my lips to her scalp. She didn't move and didn't say anything. Letting go of her body and going to find a dust pan was my priority so she wouldn't harm herself whilst walking around.

I went into the kitchen and stopped when I turned around and saw her standing there. She walked to me pulling the dustpan from my hands and setting it on the counter top. She moved closer and pulled down the bottom of her lip and showing me scar tissue. I put my finger tracing over it. I pulled my finger away as she sat on the island across from me. She lifted her shirt up to expose her hip with a big scar. My fingers grazed the skin and then she pushed my fingers away again. As i kept looking at the scar i was surprised I've never noticed it. I looked down at her gaze that was on my face. "My relationship with Jamie is none of your business."

I nodded respecting her wishes.

"I don't want to talk about it." She paused then shrugged. "But since you've been curious i'll tell you."

"You don't have too." I spoke quietly knowing she'd tell me despite my wishes.

"No, no ill tell you." She gave an easy smile and continued on.

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