#47 Scott/Jackson

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The light headedness...... The darkening vision.... the soft ringing in my ears..... it's actually kind of peaceful in a way. Maybe death isn't so much of a punishment....... as it is a release. Something that just eases all your problems as your swallowed up by the darkness.

These were the thoughts going through my head as I lay on the cold cement floor, just barely feeling the blood pooling around my deflating torso. Just barely hearing the scream of battle around me. Just drifting to sleep...

{JACKSON'S POV} a few hours earlier

I hated this. This tension in the room that I'm sure Scott feels too, but there's nothing I can do to change it, to stop it. The past is that past... and you can't change it.

It's been a month. A whole month since my big lie, the lie I told Scott. The lie that I know broke his heart. I knew it broke his heart the moment I said it, the way his face fell. The way I saw him biting his lip holding back his tears that he dared not shed in public. The way I confirmed the one thing he feared the most with my lie, but the only way I knew I could get him to let me go.


I laid in the grass, I could feel Scott playing with my fingers. My eyes are closed, but I can picture his face in my mind. The graceful way that his soft smile met his eyes. The way his tanned skin contrasted so well with the hazel nut brown of his small eyes.

A heaviness still lay in the air from our earlier conversation with Derek from earlier in the week. We had just informed him about the extent of our relationship and while he accepted it, he make a point of bringing up the whole mate situation.

We had found out a little while back that Scott was one of the rare few werewolves that didn't get the mate gene. This was because of the fact that Peter was born as a mateless werewolf as well, and he passed his gene on when he turned Scott.

As for me, Derek had passed the mate gene down to me. Though he hadn't found his mate yet, he still had the gene, meaning that I had the gene too. And the was the underlying heaviness. I knew it was killing Scott, that I could meet my mate at anytime and then he'd no sooner be the forgotten love affair of mine.

"Scott" I finally spoke up in a whisper. I slowly opened my eyes as he gave me a wide eyed questioning look.

"You know I love you no matter what, right?" I quizzed lightly as tightened my hold on his hand momentarily.

"I love you too Jackson" he offered whole heartedly, which broke my heart even more, knowing where I was going with this.

"You really shouldn't" I let out in a slow sigh and he rose an eyebrow at me.

"Jackson-" he started but I cut him off.

"Scott, you should know that I found my mate" I lied through my teeth, putting on a fake face of calm. I watched as his face quickly fell.

"I-" he stumbled, searching for words to say "I don't-"

"I'm sorry Scott" I whispered, placing a soft kiss on the back of his hand, the tears rimming his eyes were killing me slowly. I pushed myself up, steeling myself in my resolve. He deserved better than to always live in fear of me leaving, which was inevitable despite how much I hated it. I just guess it's better to rip off his band-aid sooner rather than later.

"Goodbye Scott" I mumbled softly, and slowly walked away, letting a single tear fall down my cheek.

End of Flashback

I shook my head as I looked up a Derek. He was motion for us and the rest of the pack to creep closer to the door. The door behind which, was Isaac being held captive my a bunch of rogues. I took a short breath as we all charged into the room, claws and teeth brandished.

Everything was happening so fast, I was taking down enemy after enemy. I was so enthralled in the fight that I didn't even notice the hunters that had barged in, until I heard the whistle of the arrow. I had just enough time to wince, squeezing my eyes shut.... but the pain never came. I fluttered my eyes open, only to be faced with the sigh of Scott going limp on the ground with blood pooling around him.

"Scott" I screeched in horror, forgetting all danger and rushing to his side, pulling him onto my lap. He already had 3 wolfs bane laced arrows in his chest and his breathing was labored.

"I'm so sorry" I whispered, my eyes leaking from the corners of my eyes in little waterfalls "Please don't leave me. I love you." I sat there helpless as the last breath passed his lips.... and he was gone.

I lowered my head into his chest, heaving out a big sob, clinging to his body with everything I had. He was still so warm, yet no more heartbeat.

"Scott" I whispered "I'm so stupid. I will never stop loving you"....

Soon I was being shaken and my eyes fluttered open to the darkness of my bedroom, the dreams of my past floating away as the face of my son came into view.

"Daddy, why are you sad?" he asked in a soft voice. I sat up in bed, pulling him onto my lap.

"I'm okay, just a bad dream" I assured him with a soft smile. I looked over at the clock that read 4 AM "What are you doing out of bed?"

"I heard you crying" he shrugged "I wanted to make sure you were okay."

"I'm okay" I smiled "now let's get you back to bed before we wake mama." I walked my son back to his bed tucking him under the covers.

"Can you tell me another story daddy?" he begged as I began to leave the room. I pursed my lips before walking back over and sitting on the edge of his bed.

"Okay, Scott" I smiled softly "but only one. After that you have to go to bed. You have school in the morning." He nodded as he snuggled into his covers and I began to tell the story.

"Once upon a time there was this amazing guy with the same name as you" I narrated "his name was Scott, a guy I will never forget."


Hey guys, so I know this was a sad one, but I thought it was cute. Let me know what you guys think. Also, sorry it's been so long since I last updated, I've just been super busy lately. Anyway, I hope you guys enjoyed and I'll try and update again soon! Thanks for reading. ^_^

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