Chapter 10

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Fairy's POV (I'm going to do the horses' point of views too)

I was all tacked up when a nervous Anna stuck her foot in my stirrup and lifted herself onto my back. She was really light, and I liked it. She talked to Friend (that's what I call the older lady that takes care of me cause I don't know her name) and then gently asked me for a walk. Anna saved my life, so of course I tried to make my walk as smooth as any walk could be. I could tell she didn't have much riding experience, so I was patient with her as she learned how to steer and halt me.

After about a half hour, she finally asked me for a trot. Since we were doing slow riding (I could tell because of the tack) I did a slow and smooth jog for her, and listened to every instruction she gave me. We jogged one lap around the arena and then she steered me across the arena and we switched directions. For another 10 minutes, we did some jogging in circles and some walk to jog transitions and some jog to walk transitions.

After a nice cool down, which I didn't really need since we only did a little bit of jogging, Anna untacked me, which I was glad to get the heavy saddle off of my back, and she groomed me. With each brush stroke I leaned into the brush. It was like a massage! After my brushing, I got a piece of carrot and went back out to my field. No! I didn't want to Anna to leave yet! So I stayed at the fence and nickered to her. Stay here with me! I said, but she didn't understand. Don't leave yet! Let's play tag! I said again. She looked at me, and I tried to make her understand that I wanted to play! I'm a playful horse, and the other horses don't always play nice. Sometimes they bite me, which I do not appreciate because 1. it hurts and 2. it's not how you play tag. I nudged her shoulder, and galloped away. I slowed down and looked back at me and she just stood there watching me. She obviously doesn't know how to play tag.

I stopped and whinnied to her. Come and get me! I said. Ugh, why doesn't she understand?! I trotted back to her, and opened the gate. It's something I've mastered since I was at my old barn. Ugh, did not want to think about Old Barn. Just painful and bad memories.

I walked out of the gate and Anna's eyes were huge. What, had she not seen a horse open a gate before? She used to help me at Old Barn, but why is she freaking out now? I playfully lipped her sleeve and then trotted back into the pasture. A look came on her face, and I think she finally understood that I wanted to play! I let out a triumphant neigh, and galloped off, but not too fast so that she couldn't catch me. She started to close the gate and then ran after me. Whoo hoo!

I kept cantering around the pen, and might I say she is a fast little human! After a few minutes I felt her small hand touch my shoulder, and she sped off to the other side of the field. She's not going to get away with this! I sped off after her, and within strides I was neck to neck with her. Well, more like neck to whole body I guess. I barely touched her back with my nose when she toppled over, and I slid to a stop. Oh no! I've hurt Anna! No no no no nonononononono! I trotted over to where she was lying in the grass, her eyes closed. I sniffed her, few, she's alive. I nudged her, nothing. Again, nothing. AGAIN, nothing! I huffed, and then started to get really worried. I let my head hang down by her, sniffing her. When I lost all hope, I let out a sad neigh and then stood by her, protecting her with my head.

The next thing I know was a smiling and laughing Anna patting my face, and then giving me a hug. WHAT? I thought she was gonna die! She quickly tapped my shoulder and shot off. Oooh, we've got a sneaky one! I shot off as fast as I could, and for a long time, we played tag and when we were both tired, she laid down in the grass and I grazed next to her. This is how it needs to be. All the time.

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