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(Picture is Phoenix)

The Seven Deadly Simpson Brothers

Chapter 14 ~ Gangs

"Damn I'm late," Walter said suddenly looking at the time on his phone.

"What for?" I asked curiously.

"Um..well, Landon and Phoenix are expecting me."

He didn't exactly answer the question, but I decided to make a joke out of the sudden weird atmosphere.

"What are you guys planning a gang fight or something?" I teased. 

Walter's brows creased. "Not exactly."

"Wait what? I thought all the gang stuff wasn't true!" I said, shocked.

Walter looked confused, "Why wouldn't it be?"

I was speechless, so these guys really did fight with the Santarico's in the East side of town. And they no doubt used knives!

Walter touched my hand, "What's up?"

"I was just...I didn't believe that you and your brothers really did that sort of thing." 

"Well it's nothing big. Just a fight every now and then." Walter explained.

"Don't you get hurt?" I frowned. He made it sound as if it was nothing. As if gang fights were nothing at all.

"Sometimes," he paused. "You can't tell anyone about this by the way."

"Of course not," I nodded. "So who do you fight? The Santaricos?"

"Yeah, so you know a lot." Walter rubbed his jaw.

"Not really," I dismissed. "But why do you fight?"

Walter shrugged, "The town is too small for two gangs."

Fair enough.

"So have you done?" he asked me.

"Yeah, let's go. And you better be careful." I said crossing my arms in a joking manner.

Walter half bowed. "You have my word," he joked back, winking. 

On the way out, Walter grabbed my hand. To be honest, he had made me jump, but I held on tightly. I wanted him to know how much I loved touching him. 

The sky had darkened considerably, and the temperature had also dropped. Walter was walking fast, but not fast enough to make me jog to keep up.

"I liked today," Walter said avoiding eye-contact. 

"So did I," I grinned, even though I was looking down. 

Walter slowed our pace down to a stop. Was he gonna kiss me? Oh please yes. 

"So um, see you around..or at school or something," Walter said giving me a smile.

It was only then that I realised that we had come to the junction where we would have to go our separate ways. So much for a kiss. 

"Yeah, see you." I smiled, and inside I was dreading that he had let go of my hand. 

We said bye, and went in different directions. 

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