Amzy's pov

I opened the door and took a deep sigh! All the workers are here! They greeted me ! I sat on a table and order for a coffee like everyday !

From the glass walls i can clearly see the snow falling from the sky ! My order came ! She put the coffee on my table and smile brightly ! I was going through the newspaper ! When a young boy and a girl sat on the next table from mine !

I looked up at them and they were so cute ! The boy was making the girl laugh ! And i smile at them and i remember how shehry use to make me laugh ! But my smile faded quickly as i remember about them !

I took my cup and the news paper and left the cafe ! I checked my clock and then i remember that i have to pick him !

Shehry's pov

We reached at ati's house ! I knocked on the door ! And mona open the door and hugged me ! "Shukar warna socha tha sb ayen ge magr ap nahi ! " she said and i smile,widely !

We walked in and sat on the sofa ! Mona came with her baby girl ! "Shehry uncle ? " she asked and i noded and embarce her in a hugg ! She's a love ! Yeah mona and ati's daughter munaza !

"Munaza its your b'day party ap kitne saal k hogayin ? " i asked her and she replied happily "i'm four years old now ! " i smiled and kissed her cheeks ! "Munaza ap ki video bnaun ? " i asked and she smiled again ! I made a video of her !

Mona called everyone! Its cake cutting time ! I stood with my dslr to take her photos ! I stepped back and bumped in a girl ! "Ouchhh ! " i turn around to see ! Its ali and fariyal ! "Heyy shehry ? Hows you buddy ? Hows life going ?," he asked and i reply back "i'm good ! Life is good " and sigh deeply ! I can feel something in his eyes but i don't what is it ? I ignore it ! And start taking photos of everyone !

Sain's pov

And its winter days-off ! Fariyal went to the texas back to her brothers house! And i'm stuck here in new york missing my family but i can't go back ! I looked out from the window ! My car and everything out side was covered with snow !

I walked upto my sofa and laid on it and turn the tv on ! There's nothing good coming ! I sigh and plan to leave the house! I turn the tv off and wore my black leather jacket and my black shoes! I walked out from the house!

I was walked and my black thoughts again covered on my head !

Shehry's pov !

The party was over i walked out ! Then i heard ali's voice "shehry ? " .
I turn and he walked upto me and his eyes were glossy i don't know why ?

"Mjhe baat krni thi tmse ? " he said and i noded ! " please amzy ko mauf krdo ! Wo bht mushkil main hai tm use le ao wapis ! " he said and i furrown and looked at his face !

"Shehry wo blkul akeli reh gayi hai ! " he again said and i took step back and started to walk back to my car and he again stated "use us k kiye ki saza mil gayi hai shehry ! " . but i ignored and sat in my car and drove off !

I open my rooms door ! Throw my shoes away ! And laid on my bed !

Kia matlb tha ali ka ? Kaise saza mile use ? Saza tou hum sb ko deke gayi thi wo ! Kahan ho tm amzy ? Kidhar ho amzy ? Wapis ajao! Wapis

And i drove to the sleep !,

Dream *

"Shehryaar ? " she said and smile widely ! She is wearing a white shalwar kameez ! The whole place is covered with the fog and she is sitting on wodden bench !

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