5 years later.

Amzy's pov

I walked out from the house ! Numb no feeling nothing ! As i my black shoe hit the snow ! A cold wind breeze hit my face ! My hair flew and like everyday every single memory hit me ! Life changed i became what i never was ! I miss everyone and all off the above i miss my Husband !

Shehry's pov !

"Mama kuch nahi huwa mjhe ! I'm just tired of going to doctor ! " i kind a yell at her ! And felt kind a bad for her! I hug her from the back and whisper "mama main theek hun ! Sb bdal jate hain main bhi badal gaya ! " .

She turn and caressed my cheek and said "but beta we want you to be happy like before " .

Kash apko smjha pata mama k main kyun khush nahi reh sakta !

"Mama ap ready rahe gaa aj atif k ghar jana hai " i said and she noded quickly ! And i smile ! I walked upto my room and close the door behind me ! I jump on my bed and again that day flases in my mind !

*Flash back *

"Emm shehry yeh letter amzy ne tere liye diya tha ! " waqas said as he handed me the letter !

I opened the letter and felt like my worlds went upside down ! My eyes pooled up with the tears ! I again read the letter and i fell on my knees!

I folded the letter back and headed my room ! I open the brown box and put the letter in it and closed the box ! Your love is frozen in my heat !

*flash backs over *

I stood up from my bed! And stood infront of my room's window! Everything changed! I lost my love and my brother ! I never talked with sain after that incident and he left us to live in new york ! Khala jaan and mama become older and now have white hairs ! Papa and khalu are like before!

I acheived my life goal to become a director ! I went to canada to meet amzy but i can't found her !

Kash aj tm yahan hoti sb kitna alag hota naa !

I closed my eyes for breif minute then open them and saw her balcony closed and her house covered with thick snow!

"Bhai ap phir us k barey main soch rahe hain naa? " . i turn around to see my grown up sister ! Maha got glasses and she's now 15 but she always talk like philospher !

"Hmmm" i hummed and she sighs deeply and started to speak again "bhai 5 saal hogaye hain jb unhen humari fikar nahi tou kyun krte hain ap unki fikar? Unho ne kbhi palat k apne maa baap ko nahi poucha ! " .

"Tm ab bhi us se ghussa ho maha? " i asked her and she sit at my bed's edge and spoke up " haan kyun k uski wajha se main ne apne dono bhai khoo diye " . i looked at her and sat with her on my bed's edge and gave her a brotherly hugg .

She cried and i felt like my heart broke ! I was always busy in my life that i almost forget about maha ! And sain mostly vists in vaccations ! "Ab bs rou nahi ! " i said and she noded !

She left my room ! Again alone and lonely ! I just wish that she were happy !

I checked the clock and its 5 ! Shit i have to get ready for the dinner ! I open my cup board and took my black fitted jeans and a brown shirt !
I took a quick shower ! And changed my clothes ! I set my hairs and wears my wrist watch ! I pick the perfume and sprinkle some one me and Amzy's voice echoed in my ear !

"Emmm shehry you smell good today "

I wore my brown boots and i walked out ! Khala jaan , khalu , mama ,papa and maha all are ready ! We drove off to the ati's house

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